Parkinson's Movement


Can we say a big thankyou to those of you who have given your time talking to Blue Latitude about Parkinson's Movement. There were things you like, things you didn't. Some of it we liked, some we didn't. You told us what we were doing right and what was wrong.

But the important thing is that you told us. So we can act.

The website will never be all things to all people. But we will try to match your expectations of us. Thanks for your support. More specifics to follow...

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good jon - that is what it is all about - but i have to say i really do like the site - a lot


I appreciate this site more than I can express.

Thanks! :)


Thanks for asking & for being here.


This site is The Best Place To Go For Support. Thank you for being there for us.


Thank u for this website. There is someone on the site that advertised his own 'recovery from PD program' for a charge of $33.I object to people selling their miracle cures on this site. There are so many people ready to make money from us.


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