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Tips to reduce excess saliva and mucus in the throat and minimize choking and coughing

1) Suck on ice chips during the day to encourage more swallowing

2) Avoid excess sugar as this encourages saliva production

3) Drink carbonated drinks or tea with lemon to help reduce mucus in the throat

4) Avoid holding your chin up when you drink as this can cause choking and


5) Drink out of a glass instead of a can

6) If you use a straw, keep it in the front of your mouth to avoid too much liquid

flowing to the back of your mouth/throat too quickly.

7) Avoid drinking dairy products as these can cause mucus in your throat

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Thanks Kat00! My mother really struggles with this. I will pass it on to her!



Thanks for the tips! Greatly appreciated!!!




I was just about to post a comment on this very subject .. My husband is having a big problem with this at the moment ..

He mouth breathes especially in bed and cannot sit up hence choky cough and build up of frothy mucus .. Once he clears it he can settle all night ..

They have been concentration on his heart problem recently and since stopping one of his BP meds and gradually adjusting others we have seen a big improvement in his Parkinsons ???? We had not added or changed any of his Parkinsons meds ????

In fact a lot better until he takes his Parkinsons med then much worse an hour later ...

Any idea's ? Isn't it a complicated illness ..



CC, Yes, a very complicated illness. It is difficult to offer advice on any problem which is so inter-related with other problems as to render the advice of little potential value. I do have one suggestion regarding the buildup of mucus in the back of the throat. In my case this is a very viscous, "ropey" substance, which cannot be coughed up and which resists all efforts to swallow it as nature intended. I have found that eating a crisp, unpeeled apple,such as a "Red Deliscious", will usually solve the problem. It can be eaten from the hand or cut into sections. The sharp edges of the apple skin slice into the mucus like scalpels and allow the pieces to be swallowed with the apple. This may not be useful in your husband's case, but I thought it worth mentioning.


Thank you RONN He always has fruit in the morning and He also has some this afternoon ..

Yes it is a strange substance , can go on and on can't it .. I also have him to gargle with a little Bi Carb in water ..

His swallow is ok . SO FAR ...

That is when he does swallow ?

When he is worse after taking his Med it's because he goes into a switched off mode nod of with closed eyes

He is fine until he takes them ..

Will be going back to see his consultant when we can ..

Can never tell which is gradual progression or medication



cabbage..I think what Ronn is saying is that eating the apple WITH THE PEEL ON IT is what helps with the mucus..not just the fact that he is eating fruit...


Th ank you Kat100


Thanks for your posting this information, find it helping.


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