Tai Chi

Someone gave me some very useful information on where to find information on Tai Chi.

I must apologise and say I can't find the post. If the person concerned, or indeed anyone else could provide information on an easy way to understand Tai Chi, I would be very grateful. The only class I could find locally has closed, due to lack of interest and I can't understand the video I have.



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  • Hi sue

    Tai chi should b available in the U3a in your area

    Or try online for lasses



    Failing that the local library would he info


  • Hi I have left u a comment

    But where is it?

    Lol Jill

    Ps off to my tsincjinclass this am

    I will ask thevtutor about classsss in your areas


  • Hi

    Have a look at taichination.co.uk


  • Hi Sue

    I just did a search on here using the word Tai Chi and alot of threads came up. Maybe you can find the original post.

  • taichihealthproducts.com/ca...

    I find much info here

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