Parkinson's Movement

Another exercise from physiotherapist

I have been getting severe pain and cramps in my affected leg especially getting up after sitting for a while.

My parkinson physiotherapist suggested that I hold onto something steady like my kitchen sink or cupboard at similar height and pull myself up to stand on my toes. This was really painful when I first tried it but I persevered trying to get higher on my toes each time and I think it is helping. She also suggested that I do the opposite by then resting on my heels and pulling my toes off the ground.

I don't know whether anyone with a similar problen would find this useful, but it may be worth giving it a try.

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Court, both your post about using the tennis balls and this one are very helpful.. Another great, easy and fun way to stretch and work these muscles is do an really ethusiastic toe tapping moving turning your foot first to one side and then the other as you tap.( this is fun to do to music)

I have also found that instead of using a tennis ball, you can you a gel filled yoga or fitness ball.These are squishy so they don't fly across the room like a tennis ball. This ball allows you to point your toes downward, or press your heel into the ball.(There is a particularly good one made by DANSKIN that weighs 2 lbs and can be used for other exercises as well)


I find that a tennis ball, as you say. shoots across the room and provides more exercise for my dog than for me!! I will try to find one of the balls you recommend and give it a try.



I do that twice a day -twirl ankles round while sitting or lying. Also stretch straight leg while standing onto chair touching or near touching toes. Use squidgy ball on hand; Also kneel down and sit back on feet to stretch the ankles.

I do the first 2 yoga standing poses and the balance one -that sometimes works.!


Think I can see a slight improvement in leg cramps. Also having problem with hand. How big a squidgy ball should I get as will try this, too.


Leg cramps - quinine and bananas - potassium! and exercise.. small squidgy ball- like juggling one. What problem do you have with your hand- I over extend 3 fingers and they get stuck! They have given me splints for them to stop them straightening but cannot move my fingers at all then and they dig into the skin! I wear one now and then..any hand ideas welcome - I d some exercises.


I tried the standing on my toes this morning while brushing my teeth. It seemed to help my wobbly legs.

Thanks to all. I'll try everything that has been suggested.


A rubber ball is what I use. Check out M.E.L.T. You can give yourself a shiatsu treatment at same time.


The runners calf stretch is good also. It can be done safely at the kitchen sink for stability. Put one leg forward and one behind so that the one behind can be stretched with the heel pressed down to the floor. Try and keep the backside knee straight but the forward knee slightly bent. Make sure the foot is not flared out to the side... toes pointing forward. Hold 5 seconds. Alternate side to side.


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