Parkinson's Movement

Deal with it in your own way,there is no right or wrong,but there is choice

Purplepixie my user name,

a parkie lady im far from tame

Im not deluded thats for sure,

the pills i swallow are no cure

some choices i do not have,

without my requip ive no sat nav

the cure i think theres more than one,

its all around you ,

look and see this world again

dont hide away in your parkie den

Dont give up,

just fill your cup with all the things you like to sup

pick those parkie legs right up

Educate the masses far and wide,

your far from dead increase your stride

Let your strategies unfold

tell your story and live and be bold

As fate dictates all life ends,

so enjoy it live it with your friends.

Theres a golden challice in everyones cupboard,

For me it is a china cup,

i make a brew and sit me down,

a fool im not

but i like to clown

im buggered but no way am i gonna frown

4 Replies

spot on!


great from you as usual


An inspiration keep them coming thanks


Very nice! I too like a china cup.


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