Does anyone get startled very easily?

I was in a store yesterday and someone let go of a door and it made a very loud noise and I almost jumped right out of my skin. I notice this happening with more frequency and my "startledness" (I know I just made up the word) is getting worse. I seem I get jumpy very easily and my response is way too much given the origination of the noise or motion.

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  • I feel I might be experiencing that too and also I don;t tolerate loud noises as I once would have.

    I suppose this can be expected as it is already known that the autonomic nervous system that controls many of the body's automatic mechanisms, e.g. body temperature, is affected by PD. And a part of the same aspect of nervous system also controls the fight or flight response to perceived danger. Being startled is one way to trigger that response. I feel I haven't explained that very well. I hope you can see that there is a possible link here that goes some way to explain the phenomena that you have observed.

  • You actually explained it very well, Thank You!

  • Thanks. So many side affects from PD and the meds it's hard to tell sometimes if I'm nuts or just part of the PD program.

  • Oh, my gosh! It's so nice to hear that someone else has this too. I have been noticing that lately and wondered about it. I am constantly getting startled. I don't hear my husband coming and then when I hear his voice I jump. I wondered if I am just working so hard at concentrating on what I'm doing that I am blocking everything else out? Very interesting.

  • It happens to me all the time. I agree with Pete.

  • Oh yeah....I don't tolerate loud noises when it get's to that wearing off period when it's time to take my meds, I don't drive well in a car...the sound of the road makes me nervous, I am beganing to walk slower and crowds of people(e.g. NASCAR events) make me feel like I am in the way cause I'm slow but I just take a deep breathe and walk myself through it

  • Its fairly well documented,The exaggerated startle reflex ,a heightened awarenessvery weird when you first experience it, the meds not the illness being the cause,quite profound when you first notice it,doesnt go away but you do get used to it.

  • thank your for asking this question i thought all of this might be jsut me

    even if i know my husband is in the room and he makes a sound or talks i come up out my cChair about a ft. the smallest of sound can send me to ceiling. i feel better that i am not alone in this and i hope it reasures u a litte

    i look forward to chatting more late

    blackcar aka ruth

  • Yes! I get this all the time. Anything out of the ordinary unsettles me. A raised voice, a bang of a door. I thought it was just me.

  • Never connected the dots before but I startle easily, can't stand loud tv and have trouble with body temp. Get flushed and red faced often, thought it was hot f lashes but my doc said I was through menopause. Now I g et it.

  • I had it before I knew I had PD. I thought it was Ptsd . My hearing is more acute but sense of smell is poor.

  • I too get startled easily, but I have learned to ease myself around the corner slowly and let my face appear slow in mirror instead of just walking in fast.

    Really, I too am having problems as stated with noises being the biggest problem.

  • I too am easliy startled. Even if my wife walks in room and I do not hear her but look up and there she is I just about jump out of my chair.

  • i also startle very often during the day! I thought it was because i am very concentrated doing is not the worth thing to have!!!

  • Oh my, Do I ever. I now know that I'm a normal Parkie. I jump at the slightest noise at home and work. Everyone is getting used to my quick response! My body temp also is starting to bother me. I can be fine and when I start to do anything physical then I get really hot. Glad to know that's not in my head too.

  • My father had this before he even had, or was diagnosed with, PD. I have it myself, which certainly gives me pause.

  • I get really startled at night in the dark, if I am just drifting off to sleep and my husband coughs or the cat jumps on the bed I see bright lights or patterns and get really startled, its really weird.

  • my dog barking suddenley makes me jump or any sudden noise really

  • I am very much shell shocked by most any unexpected noise---my family laughs at me as they deem it comical at times. Of course, this is the least of my worries about having PD

  • Happens to me too and only since I've ben on the meds for PD

  • I've never been jumpy but get startled extremely easily! Never had this before!

  • Yes, I thought I was nuts, and am glad it's not just me! I get really rattled by the slightest noise and was never that way. I've had PD a long time so I know whatever is going on it's from the meds not PD.

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