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What treatment if any have people found to be effective for problems with vision. Particularly double vision (Diplopia)

I have a problem with my PD where both eyes do not track the same object at the same time. Thus one eye sees an object and the other eye may see that object but not as the main object of focus. I think this is sometimes called "Eye Conversion Insufficiency" and results in double vision. Anyway I was wondering if anyone on this site had experience with this problem and also found an effective treatment.

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no i have not but i will look at your responses carefully as i too have the double vision thing


Eye exercises! I was having vision problems a few years ago., Thinking it was PD, the meds, my age (started using cheaters) . At a physical Therapy session for my shoulder I mentioned this to my PT and he showed me a few exercises you can do for your eyes. Take a pencil or pen in Left hand, extend arm full length in front of you then move arm slowly to the Left side , keeping your arm up and your head straight forward, with your eyes tracking the pencil go as far as you can go until you can't see the pencil. Then do the Right side. You can go up and down too. Stand straight, shoulders, as relaxed as possible, chin up. Do as many times as you can. Facial exercises are good too. Google :eye tracking exercises and Facial exercises. Your eyes and face have muscles too that also need to be exercised too. Hope this helps.


Thank you!


I have noticed this to be a problem recently.

I assumed it to be dystonia of the eye muscles.

it seems to occur if I spend too long on the pc

i would imagine its due to the flickering of the screen

Similarly if I am fishing, particularly if there is a ripple on the water I can see two floats. Unfortunately this doesn't help me catch more fish.

It goes away when i stop the problem activity and rest my eyes.

Thanks to grappers for the exercise advice


I have double vision and blurry vision not all the time but its is usually when I am tired cover my left eye which usually clears up or looking off to the side 45* then back on what I was looking at does not happen often but does happen


There is an interesting show on Vision Rehabilitation for Parkinson's on Parkinson Recovery Radio. You google www.Parkinson's Recovery Radio, then click on the listen... that's in the little box, then go to page 2. Scroll down and you'll see it. Hope this helps. Blessings.


Thank you for the ideas / answers so far, I shall have to investigate what has been suggested.

In addition to those ideas mentioned so far I wonder if anyone has found a particular drug or higher dose of a drug already being taken has solved this problem?


Not sure if my double vision is the same as yours but, having

mentioned it to eye consultant, was sent to (i think) optometrist,

who measured my eyes and put a prism on my glasses.

This is just on one side and means I can read perfectly with no

double vision - I only have specs for reading so not sure if it is

the same for long distance. Next time I need new specs the

optician can put a permanent prism in them. Hope this may

help, I do think it is worth asking your doctor/optician and

wish you luck.

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this might help but is worth a try anyway. I have photophobia which I have had 4 years well before I got diagnosed with PD but the docs think this might be connected. I occasionally get squggly lines that arent there and a bluurred piece in the far right of my left eye. Apart from shortsightedness my eyes are fine according to the opticians so it must be in the brain. Anyway I was on about this to a PD girl in America through MJFF who has the same problem and she tried raw mushrooms as a sort of homeopathy effort re the hallusiogenic magic mushrooms and it works. from having the squiggly lines and blurred effort almost daily 4 hours i only get it very occasionally and if I have a button mushroom or 3 it goes away after about half an hour. My dietician thinks if must be some similar but differenf chemical compound in the mushrooms to the magic ones that sorts this but they dont know which one and the little button mushrooms work much better than the big flat ones. Cooking them stops this working


The original posting of this thread is 3 years old - I hope that's not to long ago to be relevant.

Anyway, I just wanted to say that Botox treatment that I had was supposed to last up to 3 months. For me I had 2 weeks of almost normal vision. Somewhat short of the expected 3 months.


Hi Pete. I have been put onto your posts by HU and would like to tell you my experience in this question. I get double vision in a peculiar way. The one eye goes upwards and the other downwards. It has the same effect as coming together or moving apart. It has twice happened to me when driving, when I had no option but to close one eye and bring the car to a standstill and get my wife to drive. It has not happened in the past five years but I am ready for it next time.


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I have double vision 24/7 and have had this for 2 or 3 years. I can control it for a few seconds then concentration goes and once more there is 2 of everything.


Hello, I also have double vision due to Orbital Myositis, it is another disease but I also do suffer from diplopia. I am on steroids (reducing the dose right slowly) and immunosuppressant (just started) . These both were to decrease the inflammation and/or its symptoms, to protect my eye balls from my enlarged eye muscles to damage them and kill the pain. It all started a month ago and I am way better as my eyes were completely paralysed however despite a better eye activity after 3 weeks my double vision has not improved yet. Best wishes


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