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thinking some more

The greatest gift is loving and giving kindness. For whatever reason it is done it is what makes us US. Religion and/or spirituality are wonderful to have in your life.

However, I take exception and some offense to the commentary thanking a omnipotent presence that not everyone embraces.

I have PD. I was raised Christian. I believed in many many things. But I don't credit or blame any source for my life as it is. I find joy and sadness in the balance.

It is a randomly wonderful life. The reasons for this are our own.

If religion is opened up in this forum, it needs to be open to all views.

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i aggree

but i do have spiritual belief in a 'life force '




I thought it was open to all views.


I believe it is. I hope it is.

I felt snarky after reading some of the comments. Thanking a higher power for your fortune is fine, but let's remember that others with the same disease may have similar tests, pharmacological interventions, medical procedures, etc., and their outcome may be drastically different.

When we praise the higher power that is familiar to us, I want it understood that those that are not so fortunate are no less worthy--"his" hand did not ignore their plight so to speak.

That's really my point in a nutshell. I hate the thought that spirituality ad/or religious beliefs are exclusionary.

Have a super Sunday. . .it's a breezy sun filled day---I'm going out to play. Come join me.


I am a christian alongside my husband who is the sufferer ofPD he never has once blamed anyone for his plight. We as humans live on this planet and we do everything to it good or bad. I do believe that we all have a spirit and express it in varying forms of spirituallity( what life means to us) it can be in nature, love, whatever. Anyway whatever may your God go with you.


Agent Orange is the reason I have PD and if there is blame it is with DOW Chemical for creating it and the government for using it. I, like many Vietnam vets are now going thru the after effects of that chemical use in the war. The only higher being involved in this is the bureaucratic organization that ran that (WAR)


Any idea how many vets have PD thanks to Agent Orange? Too many in any case. And now with the returning vets with Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI).. They deserve much better and yes WAR must go. Thank you.


the numbers are climbing every day with more things AO caused It took until 11/2010 for the Va to say AO caused Parkinson's. A guess world wide that 58K were KIA in VN but the number of AO deaths now number more than 500.000 These are figures I found in AO research


I'm a Buddhist with PD. I am filled with gratitude for what the universe has given me, benefit and obstacle. I don't appreciate being preached at , but I love hearing other pwp's experiences, faith included. I hope we can freely share, maybe leaving out proselytising efforts. I love this site and peruse it every morning with my morning coffee. :)


Looks like we were doing the same--perusing ad having coffee!

Good morning, my friend


It is beautiful to share your spirituality. Thank you for reviewing your inner, most important, aspects of existence. One of the most impressive characteristics of humanity is that no two of us are alike. That whole idea blows my mind.Each one of us is unique. We react to things differnelty, compose thoughts that are diffenent and have needs that are unlike any others'. So naturally our life is a temple unto itself We all deserve the respect and love that comes with our diversity.LEarnign form eachother is a gift. THanks.


YES! That is what I was trying to say--thanks for finding my point through all my stumbling and tripping over words.

Religion and spirituality are wonderful. But for some they become tools of arrogant exclusion and ignorant dismissiveness. The continuity in all religions of humanity is a simple teaching: Do no harm.



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