Do you have visual problems specially at night?

Hubby is up frequently at night and because he can't always see well he would get frustrated trying to find his pillow, the top sheet and telling it from the bottom sheet. I went and bought contrasting colored linens and use a light bottom sheet with a dark top sheet and pillow cases and reverse the colors when I change the bed. He is now able to find the top sheet and his pillow, is much less frustrated and I get to sleep , too. People may think I don't care if I match the sheets but I don't care. If it is easer for him then it is worth it.

Hope this hint helps someone else.

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  • You sound so thoughful and practical,no what if the sheets do not match as long as you both can get some sleep and deal with what the next day brings. Good luck long may it continue

  • My neurologist told me double vision is part of PD. I now have prisms in my glass and need special reading glasses to be able to read.

  • The blurry vision is probably due to the meds and possible the beginning of cataracts. Bette Davis said it best, "Getting old ain't for sissys."

  • Got anymore good ides Parkywife. I amalways on the lookout . We should get together and write a book of tips ... I always leave a light on in the bedroom .I find my husband seems to sleep better and not be as troubled with dreaming /hallucinations .

    Like you say when they sleep restfully so do you .. From another Parky Wife lol

  • I have a night light that helps him find the bathroom easily. It doesn't affect my sleep so that is good. Our bedroom has its own bath so he doesn't have to go far.

  • Great idea! My Dad keeps a large flashlight near him for when he gets up in the middle of the night.

  • I find a black light helps at night while not so bright as to keep others awake. I can see to find restroom and get my self oriented.

    Also back when I was taking Requip I had double vision problems to the point where I was thinking of giving up driving, when I stopping taking it my vision improved. I still don't drive much at night it doesn't feel comfortable to me.

  • I got double vision mainly in the evening when I am tired. I told the optician who was checking me for new glasses and he wrote a letter for me to be examined by the hospital . I had to have some tests and finally I saw the specialist who said it was the PD and not the meds ! Saying that it was very common in PD !!

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