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Visit to Parkinsons Physiotherapist

I went to see my physiotherapist yesterday, something I was not really looking forward. However, my score for most tests had improved slightly so was really pleased.

One problem I have is with ridgidity in my right foot. I don't know if this is helpful to anyone else, but I have to sit and roll a tennis ball under my foot. I have to put the ball under my heel and roll it to the front of my foot under my toes, keeping it in the middle of my foot. The ball kept shooting across the room, which is something she had not seen before, so suggested I do this exercise on a carpet!

Also I lean to the right and veer to the right when walking which could be contributing to my back pain. I could see this when I looked in a mirror. I must consciously try leaning over to the left - not easy to do.

I hope someone may find these comments useful. Off to buy a tennis ball.

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Hi sue

It sounds a good idea

My move is now on for 30th April

I hope so definitely

Lol Jill



Hi Jill

Glad to hear that the move seems to be on the 30th April. Fingers crossed.

Maybe another PARTY would be called for?

Lol Sue :-)


:-) I forgot this


thanks for the tip - i shall give it a try on my left foot !!


Sue, thanks for this. Sharon told me earlier on Skype about the ball - I'm going to give it a try. My PD physio (worth her weight in gold) gives me mainly very small movement exercises which I can practice in public without attracting attention. I think repetition is the key. Which is your affected side? Mine is my left & I sometimes get the feeling the world is slipping away to the left.


My right side is my affected side and I am right handed. My physiotherapist said I am leaning to the right side and also tend to walk slightly to the right. Apparently, I will have to correct this or risk spinal problems. It just gets better!!


I'm going to ask my neuro to go to PD PT. Have you heard of a technique called M.E.L.T.? invented by a massage therapist. Using rubber balls you can learn to give yourself shiatsu foot massage. It's fantastic. Part of PD classes given at JCC in NYC.


No, I havent heard of M.E.L.T. Sounds interesting. Will see if I can find anything about it.


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