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Zelapar--is any one taking it? Comparison between Zelapar and Azilect?

WHen I was diagnosed with PD, the Neuro put me on a low dose of Requip and zelapar. I noticed a change right away- like I could move, had my balance back and an overall good feeling. Six months later, because I was going through a stressful time, He added a anti depressant. I tried many of those and didn't like the way they made me feel. Had a horrible time getting off of it. OK- the neuro took me off of Zelapar because the Pharmacy flagged it saying it couldn't be taken with an antidepresant. Dr. thought that was nuts but because of my concerns took me off and put me on Azilect. I'm not sure if Azilect was the cause but I was dizzy all the time. I felt bad ALL the TIME. I'm wondering if I need to be on something like one of those. Do they really benefit you? Some days I feel my PD is progressing and was thinking would the meds halt its' progress.

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I appeared depressed while on Requip. I felt much better with a change of meds. No two people seem to need the same meds. Try different meds, with your Neuro's help, keep a diary and see if that helps.



These two meds are from the same family. Zelepar is selegiline and Azilect is Rasagiline. There is information on line about interactions and side effects.

You will see both the drug info says not to take certain anti depressants with both meds. I am surprised you were prescribed them.

As to slowing progression it hasnt been proven but you will find earlier threads on here about peoples experience with Azilect.


Hi there,

I have taken both. At first I took selegline and that is when I started not sleeping at night. It gave me a boost- I actually liked having the energy and I lost weight too. The Neuro promptly took me off because the amphetimin side effect can be adictive. For some reason Zelapar I had no side effects. I have thought I might need some kind of neuro protector. I am not on any antidepressant now. I haven't seen many talk about the neuron protector meds. Thanks for your info.


I don't believe any med is neuro protective. Slowing the progression? live a happy stress free life with a good diet and exercise. Not possible. I know! :D


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