Non Motor Symptoms - help us by completing a new survey

As always at CPT, we are seeking to gain a better understanding of your experiences with Parkinson’s. We have developed a survey about how Non-Motor Symptoms may impact quality of life. We would be so grateful if you would take part by clicking here: Please do let us know if you would like a paper version and we will send this to you. Please email

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  • the link does not work

  • ditto the link is not working


  • yep- no go

  • Same here. Cannot be found.


    Try this link - I went to their site & cut & paste. I'm completing the survey now. Good luck.

  • thanks angie - have just done it but did not like the questions were not multiple answers

  • Thanks!!

  • Thanks honeycombe3, it worked. :)

  • Did it! Hope it helps.

  • Thanks honeycombe.

  • I also could not get the link to work.

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