Stomach pain

My father is 78 and has had PD since 2000. His biggest complaint is his stomach, and he feels ill every single day, and doesn't feel like doing anything. The doctors do not seem to help, or they act almost annoyed that this problem will not go away. I'm sure it's the medicine because every medical test comes back clear, no other problems.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

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  • I don't have stomach pains, just have difficulty feeling hungry.

    Sometimes I just can't eat, I have no desire for food, then I'll turn around and enjoy a meal.

    Guess it is just something I have to live with.

  • I am 34 and had my stomach operated on twice both before I was diagnosed with Parkinson's but I always knew i'd have it and I do. There are days I have to force myself to eat or I won't. There is so much more that all of us that have Parkinson's go through that the media and some health professionals don't acknowledege.

  • Kingsauce78...

    Do you mind telling us why the stomach operations were performed?

  • I had the same problem. It was the filler used in my C-dopa/L-dopa. I changed to the Teva brand and now all is well. Hope this helps.

  • Thank you!

  • My husband was the same and it seems to be stress/fright etc going to his stomach and causing pain. He always was one for having to have antacids etc as he was a fusser and worrier. He had every test under the sun but was ok apart from PD. Even now if there is something that comes up that he doesn't want to do (often) he gest a bad stomach and even dry retches sometimes.

  • II get nervous or overextend myself physically, my stomach will cramp up for about 2 hours, My neurologist suggested drinking tonic water at the first indication of cramps or stomach upset. It helped

  • My husband John felt sick on Ropinirole but the slow release version has eliminated this.

  • Thank you for your reply!

  • My friend had Parkinson's and was 77 when he complained about his stomach too. They found 7 feet of impaction due to constipation. Parkinson's slows everything down, even the workings of the digestive system.

  • Wow--I will let his know this as well.

  • Mary

    Your father has been diagnosed 12 years now. I wonder when he started getting stomach problems and if you see any pattern, before food, after food etc.

    Before i was diagnosed i had a few days of feeling very unwell, bloated and nauseous. I realise now that i had gastroparesis, delayed emptying of my stomach. It can be acute or chronic. As well as feeling unwell it affects our nutrition and can stop medication from working effectively.

    Only a doctor can diagnose what is happening for your father but i do know from friends who have had pd for many years that they experience abdominal discomfort as the gut becomes less effectively in digesting food.

    I got relief through domperidone but it is not available in the US. I do hope your father gets this investigated further and finds some relief soon.

  • Thank you very much, I appreciate your reply,

    His pains start in the morning, sometimes too painful to get out of bed, and last all day. Nights are a little better. He has had his gall bladder removed as well.

  • Can I suggest you do a goggle search on delayed gastric emptying and Parkinsons or/and gastroparesis and parkinsons and check with your father if it symptoms sound familiar. Perhaps he needs a second opinion from another neurologist.

  • Thank you again, you are very helpful, and I appreciate it very very much! I will do those google searches. Thanks !

  • Does he moves his bowels every day? If so are they formed or loose? Does he take a probiotic every day? When does he have his stomach hurt, shortly after he eats? Has he been tested for food sensitivities? Has he been tested for celiac? Have his inflammation markers (sed rate and c reactive protein, been checked?) Have you been working with a gastroenterologist? I am going to try and find an article about the gut and parkinsons and if I can find it I will post it.

  • Thank you very much! I appreciate the article link!

  • HOpefully this is the link to the article about gut health and Parkinsons from the WSJ.

  • I have stomach pain as well as abdomen pain with gas. pain is sometimes sharp and sometimes dull. going to GI doc tomorrow. have a most difficult time to go to the bathroom. hope doc can find the cause.

  • Sorry for not responding sooner. In 2004 my Appendix Burst which did a lot of damage to my Intestines and was 3 days from dying because they told me I had the flu and two months later they saw the problem but to much damage was done. Due to that my Gallbladder and Spleen had to be removed and my stomach is always killing me. I have only a few things I can eat and it takes everything I have to force myself to eat

  • I had forgotten the terrible burning sensation I used to get in my stomach, when I first started ropinerole,Tried several things but flax oil worked for me , took it for just a few months ,still on the same meds no recurrence of that problem

  • Canyou tell me how you took the flax seed oil--the oil itself, in food, by pill, etc? Thank you!

  • I took the oil 1/2/oil 1/2milk,didnt taste good but it worked very well took it for a few months years ago . I had forgotten until I read your post. my stomach was like a raging inferno totally different to indigestion. Never had it since.

  • Thanks so much!

  • This is unfortunately common. My story is very much like your father. Muscle cramps in the stomach, nausea, bloating and constipation. This is Mr. P speaking, no meds. The reason why the doctors seem unwilling to help your father, is because there is not much to do. This is a sad part of PD. Although, the suggestion of tonic water is new one, I ill try it.

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