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Bali, ready or not, here I come

The most exciting thing is happening to me in July, I am going to Bali on a yoga retreat (with the FULL blessing of my doctors). This is the trip of a life time!! I am taking my daughter with me so if I have any problems, someone will be there. Right now my awesome Pilates instructor is working with me on balance and going up and down stairs so I will be better prepared.

I will hopefully post pictures on Facebook for those of you who are into social media, and if you want to befriend me then you will be able to see them.

So you see, even though I have PD, I am not stopping my life. I am doing things I love and enjoy.

PS, taking a train trip to New York in Dec.

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Go for it and enjoy, I just love Yoga its so spiritual and good for the whole personna ENJOY


Yes want to friend you and follow your trip. You can find me as Pat Vega.


Good for all you can while you can......


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