My husband was recently diagnosed at age 52 with PD. The doctor put him on Azilect. He hasn't really noticed a change in his tremors. Now whenever he carries anything he gets terrible back spasms. He has also noticed a weakness in his hand, neither of these things were there before starting Azilect. Has anyone else had there symptoms get worse after taking Azilect?

We knew nothing about PD before his diagnosis and are slowly learning. Azilect seems to be the newest drug out there and I was curious about how it has worked for others or if it dd not work. I would appreciate any advice.

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  • Just in my experience, the only meds that can take care of my tremors is Sinemet. If ur husband is not suffering from to many symtoms, I'd try a lot of exercises, like weights or boxing first before adding more meds.

  • I have heard of Sinemet and I will put it on the list of things to talk to the Neuro about. I agree about the exercise before more meds, Thanks!

  • I was put on Azilect 6 years ago and a year after I was diagnosed. I saw an almost imediate improvement and did not have any of the symptoms you mentioned. I have noticed that all the PD drugs that others have talked about never seem to affect everyone the same way. Have you talked to your Neuro about this?

  • We have not talked to the Neuro about this yet. They want him to get an MRI before they see him again. He has been trying to get through an MRI... it failed twice..once was him with claustrophobia/ tying his legs down and the other he was fine with meds but the leg tremors prevented them from getting a good picture so he has to go again and be knocked out for it. I thought he should have been knocked out the first time because how can you have a test that you have to hold completely still for when they know you have a leg tremor. That was why he went to the doc in the first place!

  • I was diagnosed with PD 2 1/2 years ago. I was first put on Sinemet and it worked. The only issue I had was a wearing off period. I now take Sinemet 2 times per day and 1 Azilect per day. That is the right combo for me.

    Boots, I agree with you I think everyone is different in how they present to the doctor, and how the meds help or hinder them.

    LynnBabb, hang in therei, but I would definitely talk with my Neuro. Also, you can find the Pharmacutical Company who makes Azilect and find out if these are side effects of the medicine.

    Hoping your husband gets some relief soon.

  • Thanks JerriB...I have been reading so much about PD and this site seems to be the best. The initial dx is very scary and you want to take the best course of action you can find. I was not with my husband when he was told he had PD because he thought it was just another doc appointment and he went alone. After the doc told him he was in shock and did not ask alot of questions. I want to be prepared when he goes again.

  • Like your husband I also was alone when they told me it was PD I too went into shock. As for the Azilect side effects there are many but it's the same with all these drugs. Try to keep a journal of med reactions, symptoms, on and off times etc. Basicly anything his Neuro needs to know or that you want to ask him about. I started to do this because by the time I see my Neuro I always forget half the things I wanted to ask about.

  • Boots, very good answer.

  • I was diagnosed in 2002 and told by the Doc about Azilect. I found it available through the Israeli manufacture directly. I think it helped the early phase a bunch. However, it does not seem to mean much now. I started nad stopped it this year with no change.

  • Sinemet was the first drug I took and it worked immediately on my tremors. I take it 3x a day. I also take Requip XL and azilect. Both were added to my meds list as my symptoms got worse. Drugs work differently on each person. You have to find the right neuro( PD specialist) and drug combo for you.


  • I also am on Sinemet, every 4 hours during the day. Requip XL 6 mg. in the earely evening, and also AZILECT, which I call "my miracle drug". For me, it does not cure, it stabilizes. I was diagnosed in 1998, I am now 73, and most people do not know I have PD. Except those I have told.

    The Azilect took about 2 monthsfor me to notice anything. my left hand was getting weak and I could not snap my fingers. one day while driving, I was talking to my friend and I for some reason snapped my fingers on my left hand and there was and still is, a loud "snap". I truly think it has slowed the PD down for me. I have side effects, not sure which drug but I don't care, I am doing okay. the worst side effect is that I get extremely t ired and can hardly hold my eyes open, and it did happen once while driving.......had to pull over until it passed.

    by the way...........Pharmacutical Company who makes Azilect is "TEVA" .

    I also was alone when diagnosed and still am..........

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