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Popular blogs?

I am a bit nonplussed by the blog lists that this site say are popular. Could it be that if the subject matter strays from the original it then becomes unpopular?

A blog with 3 responses is not what I would call popular.

The reason I mention this is that my blog "Treat the patient not the Disease" was well represented with a lot of useful information from many people but it is no longer there. I am not saying this because I started it. I don't care who starts it but if the issue is well represented and the feedback is helpful then why does it become effectively unpopular?

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It would be helpful if you could clarify your comment "Could it be that if the subject matter strays from the original it then becomes unpopular? " Wondering what straying from the original means.


i agree with you drew and have noticed this too


"I have just spoken to my neuto" from shasha. Started reviewing depression then went on to weight gain. 24 replies/comments the same as overly emotional anyone? the other popular question had 23,21, 20 and 19 replies. Jist doesn't add up to me somehow. Am I right in assuming that this trust submits information to Direct Enhanced Service (DEB) and maybe it is particular subject matter that scores more than the amount?


Hi Drew

I have often noticed that popular blogs which received a lot of comments disappeared but assumed it was to make way for new ones. I am not sure what your comment about subject matter straying from the original means, but wonder if you mean that replies sometimes go off on a tangent? Perhaps the answer lies in the word 'recent' popular questions.?

I am concerned about your comment that the trust may submit information to Direct Enhanced Services as I assumed the posts are only viewed by site members. Perhaps a Moderator could clear this up.



Drew and Shasha

I am still not at all clear about what blog lists you are referring to but if it is the side bars with recent popular Questions/Polls lists these are part of the site structure managed by Health Unlocked. I presume they are automatically generated lists. I have not seen low useage blogs/questions featuring. If you need further clarification or to make a complaint please contact the site developers Health Unlocked directly.

Sue you refer to something different i believe, how threads are arranged or appear on the page. This again relates to the site structure. Parkinson Movement along with over 30 other patient groups use the site. The site has been developed and is maintained by Health Unlocked.

The reference to the Trust I presume is to the Health Unlocked Trust. I am not able to answer your question so please direct it to them.

Please visit HU site for further information and contact details. It can be accessed by clicking on the Health Unlocked logo.


Drew, Shasha and Moderator

Many of us are in US. Not sure how Trust submitting comments to DES would affect us??? And couldn't DES just look at them anyway? I always assumed that high clicks gave status to a question. Not sure why some without popularity are blue backgrounded. But then, not sure I care. Guess I only look at the content relevant to me.



I look at most posts most days, and it looks to me as if the forum software updates the 'popular' blogs and posts everyday, so that would explain why some things do not stick around for long or are unexpected. Software is just software, it doesn't have a mind of its own, and isn't intelligent, just tries to emulate it. The DES stuff will also be automatically generated in all probability, and won't be personal at all. I had a peek in the HU info and FAQ's there is not much there, but it seems quite open. I think that the replies give status to questions rather than view/clicks, but I might be mistaken. For those outside the UK I shouldn't think any of this is important, and for those inside it all looks fairly innocuous, if a little difficult to navigate and track back to posts you would like to see again. It has certainly grown quite fast as a community!


Healthunlocked seems to generate alot of emotion. Popularity is one thing, approval is another.


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