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Going to have great day

I'm going to get on my mini excerise bike ride down to the beach its so sunny a beautiful day to nice to sit here feeling sorry for myself.

When i get there i'm going to wade in the ocean up to my knees to feel the lovely water lapping over my feet.

Now my little dog and i will chase the ball up and down the sand ( shes loving this its been a long time) me to.

We will have a little picinc lie on the sand in the sun,trouble will be getting up but we can all dream.

It felt great for awhile maybe all this excerise will make me sleep.

enjoy ur day everyone

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Exercise helps me sleep.

Enjoy your day!


A SAD PIECE I THOUGHT - AS IT IS ONLY IN YOUR MIND ... I would love to be able to do these things again ...


Hi Joss :-)

Hope you have a wonderful Easter! :-)

Keep well and have strong PMA......Positive Mental Attitude! :-)

Take care

Andy :-)


i'm looking forward to going to the beach. It was weird wading last year with a cane. How will I do this year with a walker? I can ask some one to go with me. Shouldn't swim alone anyway. Wish I had a dog.


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