Spinal Injuries & Parkinson's

I have not yet been confirmed with Parkinson's. My father had Parkinson's from about 60. I am 64. It might be a strange question But,I was in a bad road accident 17 years ago crushing my spine at L3 plus a lot of other problems.

It left me fully Paralysed from the waist down initially for about 3 months.. After a lot of hard work & several years. I can now walk with Crutches /walker/ handrail etc & use a mobility scooter for longer journeys. Legs are still partially paralysed a lot of pain in joints etc. Some parts of my legs are hypersensitive to touch.

Over time you have good periods & bad periods. But over the last 6 months

it has become a downward spiral.

Pain in both legs, Bad head aches, Right side leg drags when I get tired, tremors on my right hand, temperature homeostasis swings from one extreme to the other. Very cold (feet corpse white) to perspiration dripping down my neck. Get very tired very quickly. so tired you just stop functioning, co-ordination goes, balance very poor

Very emotional, tears always not far away, music, theatre, listening to a speaker.It might be the red hair & the celt in me.

The tears, the sweats, the extreme tiredness are all new. I am seeing my doctor soon to confirm if it is PD. Co-ordination & balance are much worse,

The problem is that spinal injuries & nerve damage seem to mimic PD & it is very difficult to sort out what is from natural ageing, what is Spinal damage & what is possibly PD. I have not given up on life I still keep myself busy both mentally & physically. I just get so tired so quick.

I would value any advice or information.

Many Thanks Taid(Welsh for Grandad) if you are wondering.

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  • One way to know if it is PD...take some PD meds, if they work you have PD.

    That is what finally convinced me. :)

  • Thanks for your prompt reply. Its a relief that it might get a bit better.


  • HI TAID -


  • Rhyl on the North Wales Coast. Cold & drizzley at the moment. Typical Bank Holiday Weather.

    Keep cheerful, I have a host of bad jokes.


  • ON THE ORIGINAL QUESTION ANSWED BY DICAN - I CANNOT AGREE THAT TAKING MEDS FOR PD PROVES YOU HAVE IT IF YOU HAVE A POSITIVE RESPONSE - i have been on meds for PD dx in jan 2010 and they have not done any good for me to date - just stated on stalevo though so will let you know if they infact have a good outcome - its ok i looked where you are in wales now xx

  • I had a riding acccident several years ago and i have often wondered whether i really have got parkinsons but i am on stalevo and it does seem to help but wears off quite quickly.

  • Dear Pokoono,

    I don't think I can help with this. Still awaiting full diagnosis for PD & not familair with any of the medication used in treatment. Consult Doctor or Spinal Injuries Unit.

    Nerve damage from Spinal injuries can cause pins & needles, numbness, cramps, burning, poor co-ordination. It depends on what part of the spine that is damaged. I am only familiar with Lower back injuries In my case broken pelvis crushing spine. This can & did in my case cause problems with bladder, bowel movements, bad sciatica (Extreme pain, burning sensation / extreme cold in both legs, numbness.

  • thank you for answering Taid and good luck

  • I'd seek out a neurologist who is a Movement disorder specialist. They should be able to separate the PD from the Spinal injury symptoms. Good luck. Unfortunately medical science is not black and white. Many other conditions can overlap and it takes a great diagnostician to help you.

  • Thank you sound advice


  • There is a DaTscan that can confirm the loss of dopamine producing cells in the substantia nigra.... PD.

  • Many Thanks for the information. I found this on the WEB which might be useful to other members Taid


    How DaTSCAN eases Parkinson's diagnosis


    File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat -

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