Hi everybody! :-)

Hope everyone is having a great weekend..HAPPY EASTER TO YOU ALL :-)

Well its time to get this party started!! WOOO HOOO!!! ;-)

There`s a superb buffet to suit everyones tastes and tonight the first round of drinks is on me......:-D

Ok tonights first tune is Pink with Lets Get This Party Started......who wants the first dance?? ;-)

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  • Hi Andy

    I shall be dancing with my cuddly toy

    Lol Jill


  • Happy Happy Joy Joy!

  • Ok folks next tune playing is "Blame it on the love of rock n roll" by Bon Jovi

    Champagne anyone??

  • Hi Buddy, got to be Crystal none ofthe domestic crap

    HA HA

  • Hi al where is yourvpicture? Lol Jill,


  • hi al - how did the filming go ?

  • Hi SHA,

    Went well , go to go back in a few weeks for some more, to morrow i have a casting for a Glasgow Series that will be shown later this year .

    Hope you have a good easter


  • Good evening all, just back so lets get this party rocking ,

    go t just a few tracks to start us off.

    Dont stop belevin, the final countdown, cool cats,brocken wings , dont fear the reaper holding out for a hereo and more than a feeling .

    just to start with pics soon


  • oh cant forget just a perfict day lou reed

  • next round is on steven Kyle , or maybe Bill Campbell

    who Knows

    dont you just love a Parkie Party , great music fantastic people and a few bevveis

  • Thanks for coming Al....thanks for bringing the crystal :-)

    excellent music choice too!!


  • Hi Andy

    I am afraid I have the Open golf on in thebackground

    Not v good 4 relaxingvto

    Loll Jill

  • I Hear they like a we bevvy at the golf Party On

  • More tunes to help us through the night

    Here we go

    Eight Miles High ( The Byrds)

    Jessie's Girl ( Rick Springfield)

    Africa ( Toto)

    Rock Star ( Nickelback)

    Can't fight this feeling ( REO Speedwagon)

    Party on

    Any reqests??

  • OK Ladies who wants to boogie with me?? ;-) xx

  • More great tunes Al!!

  • Having a wee stella and washing it down with some champers, well it would be rude not to .

    ok what you want to here , iv loads of tunes to share, just give me the name and ill find the artist and stick it on

  • Sweet Caroline!!

  • No probs Joe, Sweet caroline by Niel Diamond comeing up next Pop pickers

  • Think its time for a wee dram Al.......... and Drew if ya here.....Hic!! ooops!! lmao :-)

  • a wee dram , dont like he stuff , only tourists drink wee drams sorry mate real scots drink STELLA

  • STELLA?????? nah if ya gonna drink lager then its gotta be Staropramen....just as strong but much smoother :-)

  • no no no we like it rough in Glasgow

  • LMAO :-D

  • Holding on for a Hero to liven this party up Bonnie Tyler i think?

  • Time or some food , any one fancy a deep fried mars bar with chips

  • ooooh yesss pleeaassssse

  • next on the turntble

    Runaway train

    Dancing in the moonlight (Toploader)

    Up around the bend ( Hanoi Rocks)

    That Girl ( FM)

    and thats entertainment ( The Jam)

  • Didn't Patty Smith do a song about Easter?

  • Laraine ha sjust painted Easter eggs for the Grand Kids , they look good

  • I had an Easter Egg hunt today with my kids....great fun!!

  • Right on Joe

    Easter is an album by the Patti Smith Group, released in March 1978 on Arista Records. Produced by Jimmy Iovine, it is regarded as the group's commercial breakthrough, owing to the success of the single, "Because the Night" co-written by Bruce Springsteen and Smith

  • Yes!

  • I just found this record stuffed in with some Robert Smith albums. Robert Smith. Now there's a cheerful guy!

  • Just love your spirit you are a tonic hopefully with gin and lemon added thanks

  • Hi,

    Has to be a G & T with a slice and Ice

  • Ok I think next tune should be Never Too Much by Luther Vandross

  • Strawberry Daiquiri anyone?? CHEERS!! ;-)

  • Got any rum?

  • Ohhhh Yeahhhhh!!!!

  • I just tried rum for the first time a few years ago. Captain Morgan. Probably contributed to my onset. LOL

  • Hiow about a Moheto , think thats how its spellt any way am pissed

  • Really????? not like you Al!! LMFAO :-D

  • Right me thinks its time to throw some shapes on the dancefloor!!

    "Billy Jean" by Michael Jackson.........SHAMON!!!!!! Woooooooooohh!!

  • [moonwalking]

  • Shapes , ill be star shap in a few moments flat out on the floor paket of Sinimet in one hand and can Of Stella in outher , as Father Jack would Say Feck it Drink

  • LMFAO!! :-D when Father Jack was asked "what would you say to a nice cup of tea father?" he replied "FECK OFF Cup of tea!!" DRINK!!

  • Feck

  • ARSE!!

  • Ok next up

    Dust in the wind ( Kansas

    Maneater (Hall & Oats)

    I need Direction ( Teenage Fan club)

    I walk the Line ( Jonny Cash)

    The way it is ( bruce hornsby)

  • Followed by something by Shakin Stevens?? lmao :-D

  • Whole Lotta Shakin Going On!!

  • Ha Ha,

    Or Kings of the wild frontier the PARKIE FAMILY

  • Or May be we are just

    A Runaway train ( soul asylum)

  • Feck if i carry on the way i have been of lat e, i will be in an Asylum


    Shaking like fuck just now need some TEA Not!!

  • LMAO!! :-D

    Southern Comfort for me.....a triple!! smooooooooooth

    Where is everyone tonight btw?? bit quiet innit?

  • May be there all away for easter

    Tried a Tea and spilt it so back on the beer

  • Any time you fancy a weekend in Glasgow , Just let me Know , we have a big gaff and only Laraine and i in it now the Dog has died

  • Cheers buddy :-)

  • NB

  • Right back to the party,

    Any one out there ??

    so how about some Sparks ( some thing fo r the girl with every thing)

    Where are all the troops

  • I am Going for a walk Now , I may be some time


  • well it sounds like al and andy enjoyed the party -- i am so sorry but completey FORGOT

    so i dont think i will be asked again !!!

  • Hi shasha :-)

    Dont worry about it of course you will be asked again :-) Me and Al reckoned that most people had gone away for Easter but yes we did have a blast!!

    We will sort something out for the next party and maybe give alot more notice

    Take care ;-)

    Andy xx

  • Hi Andy.

    Sorry I couldn't make the party. Looks like I missed a great time. Will keep a look out for the next one. Fancy, me missing such a great buffet and drinks. And the dancing as well. I was in wet Wales and have only just got home as we are going for a Chinese meal to celebrate our grandaughters 8th Birthday, which is today.

    Sue :-)

  • Hi Im still partying , has it stoped?

  • Been on a photo shoot most of to day , then went to the pub for a pint < got captured by LA , and taken home , still nice way to end my day

    Love to you all



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