Exercise HELPS!!!!

For the last 3 weeks I have been going to a class to keep fit for Seniors(not yet 55) I have found that just by exerciseing just this lil bit each and every day helps keep the stiffness away Physical Therapy was just to expensive 25 buck a pop and that is with my insurance, so my daughter got me a membership to the gym...believe this or not it helps ALOT...by me keeping the move on I feel better and even though my arm shakes during this class and hurts like hell it is better to move than sit in the easy chair in front of the TV watching The Chew I went 2 days a week the first week 3 times the next, but next week going for 4 I am excited to get up out of bed each and everyday....I am THANKFUL I have children who care and are willing to go the extra mile for thier Mom..without the love and support of them I would probably just waste away in the chair..but they won't let that happen cause between all of us working together Parkinson's won't be my enemy!!!!!

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  • This is great news!!!! Have you ever tried working out in a swimming pool...after a bad fall and physical therapy I went to the "Y" three morning a week at 5AM to work-out in their pool and the exercise is fantastic...Then I stopped moving and am now one of those folk "in the chair" but I know that I have to get moving again...

  • PT works I go to the gym everyday Palette classes twice a week weights every other day tread mill and stair steeper but always one day a rest usually start around 5-6 in the morning for 1/2 hr to one hour for me also ts a social hour

  • Check the pedalingforparkinsons.org website. I'm the white haired 66 year old on the bike. Biking turned my symptoms around. I'm training now to trek to Annapurna base camp in Nepal next month and will ride my bike across Iowa in July. It's much better than tv or the sofa. Exercise is your first line of defense against PD. Sometimes it's really hard but the benefits are wonderful.

  • Great! Keep it up - whatever exercise you are doing. I run and racewalk plus go to PT about once a month. At PT they review where I am and we adjust my exercise routine, add/delete different exercises for my balbance, etc. But regular hard exercise really does help slow this thing down.

  • I joined the Y and have been attending Silver Sneakers classes. They make me feel good and I have acquired some new friends who don't seem to mind my shuffling feet. My husband also bought me an adult tricycle. It has really been wonderful to be able to ride around our neighborhood with the sun and wind on my face. It makes me feel like a kid again! I call my trike my "Freedom Machine" because when I am riding, it is the one time of day that I feel free from Parkinson's.

  • those are the classes I go to Silver Sneakers, it is so much fun...plus get to spend time with my daughter while she works out...she is a fitness model and a member of Team that competes Nationwide!!!

  • That's GREAT! It is nice to know that 2 "Grammy's" are both enjoying our Silver Sneakers time. You must be so proud of your daughter.

  • Wow! I love hearing al of these great stories about the positive effects of exercise! Keep up the great work everyone! Very inspirational!

  • Exercise makes me feel better; and doesn't need to be exercises can be anything. I go for a walk when I start getting a little shaky and that holds it off for a while. Resting, o me, is the worst thing - just keep moving, can be anything.

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