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Interview with Michael J Fox

I have just read an interview with Michael J Fox which was posted on Facebook to me by a site called Get Healthy or Die Trying.

I found his attitude to Parkinsons to be very down to earth and his way of coping something I should take on board. He was diagnosed at 30 years of age and his Foundation is known worldwide.

I am not sure if you could access this interview via the above site, but I certainly found it an interesting read. Though appreciate that not everyone would.

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Michael J. Fox is a great guy who has done more for the Parkinson cause than anyone else ever. He has raised more than 185 million for Parkinson's research and has given freely of his time to the cause. The only negative aspect of his popularity is that people watch re-runs of his "Back to the Future" and other great movies and, when talking about Parkinson's, they say, "Parkinson's can't be so bad. Look at that actor, MIchael J. Fox. He's had Parkinson's for twenty years and he still looks great". He did do a TV series recently where he played a rather unscrupulous lawyer who used his PD as a tool to win cases. The way he played the part was typical of his nature,,as an advocate for the fight against Parkinson's.

Michael has his picture on the front page of 'Parade Magazine' for this week. I have been observing as I type. He is seated, bending over, with a pleasant smile showing through his Parkinson's mask. He is wearing a light blue dress shirt and a dark blue suit, but he is also wearing loafers with no socks.

That's Michael J. Fox.


Thank you. Wish I could find it and read it. ~~Dennis


We heard M J Fox speak at SUNY Buffalo Distinguised speakers series in the Fall. He was very inspiring. His Foundation had done a lot to put a face on PD and bring it to the forefront.


Sue, Here is a link to a CBS interview with Micheal J Fox

This was flimed Oct. 2006


This video was awsome!!!

Thank you so much for the link!!!


Thanks Sue for the link. He is an inspiration and that gives me hope for a cure.


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