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Sleepless Nights

I have just looked at the comments on Parkinsons Blues mainly from people who are not able to sleep and it struck me once again how useful it would be to be able to interact with people in the same situation on one site.

This has been given the go ahead by Moderator 1, but unfortunately I do not have the expertise to set this up. Also, my sleep pattern changes so I am not always up every night.

It would be so useful for people to know where to go to find someone else in the same situation and help the night to pass more quickly.

I have always found that someone on this site has answers to my questions and I hope that this will the case this time. Does anyone have any ideas if it would be possible to set up something along these lines and possibly get something up and running? I am sure the non-sleeoers would be grateful.

Thanks, in anticipation.

Sue :-)

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Sue, why do we need something 'setting up?' Surely we can use the existing site structure & create a blog - like 'weekend Party' its an open invitation.


Fair comment. This would be easy to set up and ideal, but someone would need to set up an open invitation for people to talk on. It was just an idea - thought it would be nice to pass the sleepless hours with others.


Sue, To you it's 1:45 am, but to us over here the sun is still high in the sky. That's not a bad thing. The "can't sleepers" might get along well with the "wide awakers".


Absolutely true. We always have to remember the time difference when we phone my brother in law in New York. Am sure both groups would get along really well.


So I tried to post a comment , I guess it was inappropriate for it is not visible.Just thought it would be great to have more instantaneous conversation. I apologize if I crossed the line.

Many thanks to health unlocked for this forum.


Sorry you could not post your comment. Don't know why it would not be allowed - sure you did not cross the line, but if it was not allowed would like to know why. Perhaps a Moderator could comment.

Absolutely agree this forum is great.



I have no idea what happened to your post but it certainly wasn't removed. We do aim to keep intervention to a minimum.

I have noticed my posts sometimes are lost and I have to rewrite. I haven't worked out which gremlins are at work but have learned to save a copy on a blank sheet just in case.

Please do re post your comments.


Sue, It's an excellent idea. I'm afraid I'm not a techie so the logistics of organising something like this are probably beyond me. I think the foreign connection sounds positive as the world is shrinking - my sister lives in NZ & I have friends all over the world. Have a lovely Easter, Angela


For me every night is a sleepless one, even a anti anxiety pill(klonopin) don't help up at 2 every night tried sleepy time tea, exercise, sleeping pills don't know what more to do...going to the DR's on Tues. maybe she can help???? Or maybe it will be something I have to deal with cause of my friend Parkinson"S!!!!


Ok ...let's just start it now.

I'm going to move over and open up a new blog called "Sleepless with Parkinson's".


Thanks, Jill. This is exactly what I had in mind. Good on you. Lets hope you have a good response.

Sue ;-)


Hi sue I am in NZ I don't have Parkinson's but restless legs I take the same medications and am up a lot at night where are you from


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