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Hello fellow Parkies!! :-)

Well its almost Easter and I feel a party coming Easter Ball Woo Hoo!! ;-)

So hows about Saturday evening about 8pm GMT I will be your genial host as usual and there will be a superb buffet, plenty of drink and some fantastic tunes......who wants the first dance? ;-)

So get ya dancin shoes out and be there or be square....dress code...hey there is no dress code just come as you want :-) PAAARRTTAYYYYY!!!!! Yeahhhhhhhh!!! :-)

Hugs n Kisses

Andy :-) x

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Hi Andy. Can't believe I will have to miss a party!!! Unfortunately, I will be away for the weekend - not back until Sunday so you will have to try to manage without me this time.

Upset to miss your usual fab buffet and, of course, drinks and fab music. Please play Uptown Girl for me as this is my nickname and one of the names my family call me!

Was Jill not supposed to be moving into her flat this weekend so perhaps we could have another party before too long.

Have a great time. will be thinking of you all.

Sue :-) :-)


Hi Sue :-)

Sorry u cant make the party.....Yes it wont be long before we have another one.

Hope you have a great weekend :-)

Andy :-)


You're feeling better then mate. Good onya


Hi Drew

Yeah feeling better had 2 decent nights sleep on the bounce, painkillers still keeping toothache at bay, dentist on the 10th.

Still awaiting a medical report from my GP which is pissing me off somewhat as I still have no idea what is gonna happen...and no-one at work is prepared to give me an answer....there are rumours flying around all over the place which isnt helping I dont know wether I`m still gonna have a job at the end of it all!!

On a positive note I have applied for another job doing suport work so awaiting an answer on that one...fingers crossed......

I am not gonna let the b*****ds grind me down and my chin is still held high!! :-) and tomorrow is PARTY TIME!! OHHHHH YEAHHHHHHHH!!! Hope u can make it buddy, dont wanna be fightin the ladies off by myself!! LOL ;-)

Take care :-)


I always love following the party comments after the fact. Do you log on through the blog and message interactively? SO far i'm reading the comments through my e-mail, which is so NOT interactive! Party on friends!!!


Also do you skype?


Hi PatV :-)

Yes just log on to this site and look out for my blog ( I will start a new one on Sat ) then everybody just adds their own comments on the one stream....we have great fun! :-)

Yes I skype, I am on as andy.clegg3

Hope u can join us at the party :-)

Take care

Andy :-)


ok andy.clegg - look out ;-)


hi ALL

just got back on line after being without the interne tfo ra week (router problems)

STILL not moved and unlikely to be b4 16 APRI now

fed up but will party tonight

lol JIll


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