Bringing back the drug Neupro


An important development for Americans with Parkinson's disease (PD): Neupro, the only extended-release dopamine agonist in the form of a skin patch, has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to treat the symptoms associated with both early and advanced stage PD, and is expected to return to pharmacy shelves this July.

Developed by pharmaceutical company UCB and initially approved by the FDA in 2007, Neupro patches were withdrawn from the U.S. market in April 2008 when a manufacturing problem made it impossible for UCB to guarantee proper dosing. Now, it appears, those concerns have been addressed.

"The specific benefit of Neupro, like other extended-release dopamine agonists, is that it maintains as constant a level of drug as possible throughout the day, which could translate into longer 'on' periods for people with Parkinson's," says MJFF associate director of research programs Maurizio Facheris, MD.

Read more about the Neupro decision.

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  • I am guessing by the response that you had used it with a favorable response. My main medication is Azilect, does have dietary restrictions and if I am under stress it is not as effective. I had a lot of side effects in the beginning, mainly blood pressure highs and lows but now I am good most of the time if you take away the aphasia and cognitive problems.

    I have used a hormone replacement that was a patch, but when I sweated a lot, they would come off. If you have used it in the past, did you have any problem with the patch itself?

  • Sounds like it well worth looking at , thanks for info

  • I'm going to ask my doctor about it. Thanks.

  • I read the article & can't wait to talk with my neurologist about it!! Sounds like good news!

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