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Is everyone tired. I'm so tired sometimes I feel like I will fall down. Sometimes I do fall down. Is it parkinson's that makes us so tired, or the medicine. I suspect it is parkinson's. How does everyone handle the exhaustion?

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I was always tired on my previous meds.

Eating healthy, exercise and changed meds helped me. I still don't have the stamina or quickness I use to have, but I can now function. :)

For me...I believe it is the PD that makes me so tired as it started happening before I was taking any medication. I found myself often saying "I'm tired of being tired"...and would wake from a nap to find myself more tired than when I started. I tire doing things like dishes...folding laundry...etc. that I use to breeze though. I have learned to pace myself...but I do still get frustrated. M biggest regret is no longer being able to wak on the beach...work out in the garden and time spent with my granddaughter...but I am always searching for new things that I can do and so far te granddaughter thinks GAMMA is fun to spend with... Casey in NH

Owenbob in reply to Casey

Hi, you''re the closest person that I know of who lives close to me. I am in Portland, Maine

Casey in reply to Owenbob

Hi Owenobob...I had noticed that you had mentioned that you live in Maine...looking northeast and waving to you!! I have been to Portland several times...love Old Port...my daughter is still in Maine...inWells running an inn on the beach...we lived in Old Orchard Beach until 2001 so maybe our paths have crossed. Too I have noticed that there isn't much involvement from folks here in the northeast when it comes to PD...maybe we can change that..I know hat I have been talking up this blog since I found it as I find it so very helpful. Is there support group in your area? There is one in Nashua NH where I have gone but it is scheduled at a bad time for me to get there. Being with/around others I feel is a good thing...to chat...share ad too to listen as there is so much to be learned. Do keep in touch and let me know how you are doing....Casey in NH

Yes, as coming from my Neurologist, I was told the lack of energy was part of PD. I too had this before being diadnosed and can remember going out for groceries and telling my husband I needed to go home a lay down as was so tired I feldt as thought I could not function. I also get tired after activity like dishes or laundry....I pace myself also. One thing I have been doing that seems to make me feel better is to keep myself mentally fit, physically fit and socially involved. My neuro said if I could do that I would stay ahead of the disease.


One word...Insomnia :(

I go days at a time with no energy at all. Can't really do much of anything. So i apologize till I am unable to say those words any longer. Probably appear to be lazy even though the people around me know I have PD.

How many times can i remind them of that?

ladyhowell79 in reply to mccshe

I'm right there with ya!! I apologize constantly for being tired and just needing to lay down. I would like to be at the place where I no longer apologize, someday I'm sure I will be.

I think people do forget that there is a medical reason for the fatigue because for myself, most of the time the meds work and I'm just your regular 30 something.

Like most PwPs I'm tired a lot of the time. Then occasionally I get bursts of energy & act 'like I'm on speed'. I can sing, balance all my chores, walk reasonable distances etc etc like my old self. Unfortunately it's not predictable, nor is it controllable. It can last for a few hours or a few days - once up to a week! Then WHAM just as quickly it has gone. Back to taking half an hour to dress, an hour+ to change a bed etc etc.

Yes. Dopamine is an upper and we don't get it! :D

I have what I call SINKING SPELLS I just all of a sudden get extremely tired. Last Sunday in Church I could barely keep my eyes open. I used to never to that ever! I also have spells of energy. I start doing things around the house and amaze myself at my accomplishments. I am limited by my stiffness and pain but I do get things done. The tiredness is not predictable at all. I found that very strong ice tea helps when I am tired (I don't drink Coffee). The caffeine seems to keep me going. I don't know what the Doctor will say about this idea of mine. I say do what works for you!

I will control my life and not let PD control me! I find ways to do things I need to do. MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL

ladyhowell79 in reply to gracrn

Your description "sinking spells" is a really good way to put it. When I have energy I go above what needs to be done and when I feel like I'll just fall over, I lay down for a bit to recharge. Sometimes I'll push myself but I feel like I pay for that.. So it depends on the day. For me, this fatigue/exhaustion hits me like a mac truck and I start to feel floaty and weak. It's definitely the PD because before I started any medication, this would happen to me. I think people thought I was severely depressed before my dx because I would stay home to lay down instead of going to a cookout or some other gathering. It's still this way and a trip to the grocery can take all my energy. I'm very fortunate to have understanding family and friends who will ask if I'd like to lay down before the fun. Finding balance between exercise, chores, work, and family can be a challenge. But I feel like I rise up. My faith keeps me strong also. Because I know, the Lord is with me, I've got this!

Dennis in reply to ladyhowell79

Understand but I wish the Lord would take it away but in it all I must trust that He knows best if I agree or not.

i am tired - TIRED OF MYSELF - feeling so low and down due to not getting any better - WHEN I SEE MY NEURO TOMORROW HE HAD BEST HAVE A SOLUTION !! ;-)

M biggest regret is no longer being able to walk in the woods...work out in the garden and time spend time with husband out of doors

tired all the time! Yes! I often use the phrase "if I don't lie down NOW I will fall down." I cannot untangle the sources. Fibromyalgia, medications, Chronic Fatigue, more possibilities but I have come to the attitude that I will probably not be able to assign responsibility so my energy (what there is of it) goes to how to best deal with it. Right now that means go lie down !! Later gator

Yeah, Tired all the time!!

Thanks to all who responded. Sometimes I think I'm making up how tired I am. Sometimes that is shortly after waking up. My spirits are good. Exhaustion is the part of pd that I find the hardest.

There are times when I wish the weekend was 3 days long. It is becoming more apparent that I need that 3rd day to recover from what most would call an average weekend. Didn't help that I decided to chase the family dog who escaped last night. If I didn't like that mutt so much I should have thought twice...oh well, he is sleeping, snoring, safe and sound. I'm not sleeping and am sore all over. LOL!!!

grayland in reply to Lomtootie

Thanks for the comment.


Oh Yes Thank you for bringing this up. I say this to myself all the time. I thought I was NUTS! I get up and do the things I do - dishes, beds, laundry, etc. on most days. I go to the Y to a swim aerobics class 2 days a week. Now I say I do this on most weeks. Fall asleep in Church - I've done that. I take at least one nap a day. I used to get mad - now I give in to it. People without PD have no idea - they may think we are lazy - now I don't care. My close friends (some are no longer here) oh well & My hubby are incredible - they educated themselves and are with me - they don't baby me - they just understand sometimes I can't do it. I love life now - not sure what's ahead for me. Don't look there I guess - try to live in the day - ha - easier said then done. We are doing our first Walk-a-thon in June. I am excited about this (not sure if I will make 3 miles) but whatever will be good to be with people! I am also a New Englander - Massachusetts.

Keep napping!

Elaine ( :

Thanks elaine. Very helpful.

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