Parkinson's Movement

"Carry On"

Your pain you wear

like a badge of courage,

displayed with honor

for all who care to see.

Emotions raw,

anger rising to the surface.

You were wronged

by the one you loved,

and it broke you,

leaving you lagging behind

miles into the race.

And yet,

you carry on,



transcending yourself.

Letting the hole in

your soul fill

with a community

of friends who can

accept the hand

you were dealt.

It's not easy

waking up each morning

wondering if

today is the day

when your body

starts sending messages

of warning.

Knowing now

each new day

you are given,

should be

joyously received

and the past


To rejoice in

a new life



I wrote this poem for my friend John, whose Partner exposed him to Aids 12 years. When John became infected his Partner left and John was lost, devastated, and afraid. It's now 12 years later and John is letting go! It's all cake from now on, My Friend.

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I always read your poetry and love it. Thanks for explaining where the thoughts came from. People never cease to amaze me. They can be so cruel.


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