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Here I am!

Hi everyone :-)

Hope u r all having a good weekend. I had a good day with my kids yesterday although my youngest, Phoebe has got an ear infection bless her but it didn't stop her going to a party and having fun!! :-)

I've not been feeling to good for past couple of days, it feels like I've got a cold or something coming on....AGAIN!!!! Grrrrrrrrrrr :-( plus I've had a couple of disturbed nights sleep which for me is unusual! Oh yeah and I've now got a toothache!!! :-( although painkillers are keeping that at bay and I'm at dentist on April 10th so fingers crossed.

I've just had my PD meds increased, I'm now on 8mg of Ropinirole (Requip XL) per day plus domperidone anti sickness so no nausea as I write YAY!!! :-D :-D

Andy :-)

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Nice to see you back mate. You were missed.


Praying you get better. :)

Glad you had a good day with your children.


Glad you are back. You see how much we miss you, especiallly at weekends!

I hate to depress you but my cold has been coming and going for about 4 weeks. Can't seem to get rid of it.

You mention toothache - I have had an abcess under one of my upper back teeth. After a course of antibiotics the dentist decided I would be better off without it. One hour later, it was finally out. Two days later I was back with something called a dry socket. It is painful again today so looks as if I will be back again tomorrow. I don't fancy the dentist, honestly.

Now this is something I cannot blame on Parkinsons!!

Hope Phoebe is better soon. Children gave great powers of recovery, something I could do with.

Sue :-)


Hiya :-)

When I went to make appt with dentist she recommended Solpadeine, an extremely strong painkiller, you are only suppose to take them for a maximum of 3 days otherwise you can become addicted to them!! They are doing a great job of keeping me pain free. I`m like you, I`m not keen on dentists either but hey, needs must and all that!!

Phoebe is on penicillin for her ear infection and yes kids do have great powers of recovery, she enjoyed the party anyway!! bless her :-)

Take care :-)

Andy x


I have never liked the dentist. When I am at the dentist I think "I have PD...isn't that bad enough. Why do I have to be here?"

I shake the entire time I am in the chair.

Praying you feel better soon.


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