Drinking 8 glasses of water a day

I know how important it is to drink lots of fluid but the 8 glasses of water a day defeats me.

If I did this I would never be able to leave the house as I would always be needing the loo and the majority of public loos in my area have been closed. Don't ask me why but it makes life very difficult.

However, I was reading an article about this the other day, I mean the water drinking, not the loos! This article said that water comes straight through you, I could have told them that. It did, say, however, that you could increase your fluid by eating fruits that contained mainly water. The example they gave was watermelon.

I was wondering whether anyone had tried this and also what other fruits had a high fluid content as I am going to give it a try. I am going to drink extra water if I do not need to go out, of course.

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  • That's a great idea. I would never have thought about that. We have a soda stream and i drink carbonated water from choice. Not too much though or I get a sore willy! At my age it's all it's used for! Me willy that is. You've gotta laugh.

  • Well you hear it all here folks - hilarious. Never heard this before ! I could say too much information drew but perhaps it should be not enough!

  • Hi Drew

    You know the old saying 'laugh and the world laughs with you, cry and you cry alone'. If we can't laugh at ourselves, who can we laugh at? Being of the fairer sex I do not suffer with this problem!!

    Sue :-)

  • Funny.

  • Hi su

    I have often eaten melon just to rehydrate me

    The ready made cartons fro Asda etc r great

    The water helps constipation too

    I have a Radar key whichf gives access to disabled toilets all over the country

    Lol Jill


  • Are the ready made cartons water, or melon juice. Not too long to your move now.

    Sue :-)

  • They r axtual pieces of melon 4 £1 or two for £3

    Iol Jill

  • Thanks Jill. Have seen these and will get some. By the way, Andy is very quiet at the moment. It is not like him to not post at the weekend.

    Sue :-)

  • Defeats me, too. I have never taken on liquids in such quantities - I would be physically sick if I tried it. And I can't get through the night as it is - it would make things so much worse!

    Eating foods which contain liquid is good - oranges, apples, pears etc, plus all the obvious ones like melon (esp watermelon) - can provide all you need.

    Can't help thinking that this water business is overdone - everyone is different so why should we all have to drink the same amount?

  • I quite agree and this article I read said much the same thing. Needless to say, I can't remember where I found it!!

    The only downside for me is that I have Type 2 Diabetes and have to be careful with the sugar in some fruits. I just cannot drink all that water, like you it would make me ill. Will try Watermelom. but don't know how you know how much fluid you are getting.

  • Purchased a melon yesterday :)

  • try celery...not a fruit, but it has a high water content and you wouldn't have to worry about too much sugar from fruit which is an issue for some.

  • I agree with you ..too much fruit is too acidicand sugary. It makes sense to drink water as it is good for our brain function, digestion and skin and mood. Try drinking it when you feel down!

    I dont think it makes me any worse if i drink a glass of water now and then. I use my pelvic floor exerciser each morning and as long as I am sensible and go regularly to the toilet its ok.

    All people have this trouble as they age..we are all in this together...

  • I did not mean that we should not drink water or indeed other liquids altogether, but rather that it is possible to top up our fluid intake by eating fruit that has a greater water content.

    The lack of public toilets in my area make it difficult for me to drink before I go out, unless it is to a Supermaket or Restaurant - I realise that this is due partly to age but it is still a problem.

    I think the idea of eating celery, which I happen to like, as an alternative to watermelon is a good one, mainly because of the sugar content. I shall buy some today. Thank you bunngalo.

  • celery is a diuretic and makes you wee more!!stick to water;;best medicine. ;;;just my view..:)

  • I like celery too! I think celery might make you produce more urine like hilarypeta says because it reduces water retention which means there might be more water available to pee out since you are not retaining it. I have no idea how much celery you would have to eat to get this effect. I think it important to differentiate that with what causes urgency/frequency like caffeine does to me. I am bordering on TMI here, but after the birth of my second son I had to go through bladder training and pelvic floor rehab under the supervision of a physical therapist. Bladder training was very intimidating and initially difficult, but it fixed my dime bladder...into a nickel bladder, but definitely not a quarter bladder. ;)

    I like the idea of keeping a journal with how much water you are taking in and seeing at what point it becomes too much with regard to frequency. Looking into the celery thing I found that they say it reduced blood pressure which I have seen some posts about people already having low blood pressure. Again, not sure how much you would have to eat to get that effect.

  • Hi Bunngalo although your reply was posted 2 y ago, I would like to mention that asparagus also reduces water retention and lots of it, helps you loose weight.

  • As a nurse we often offer jellies to patients who find it difficult to take copius amounts of fluids also puddings make up with milk all adds to fluid intake, low calorie, sugar and fat ones now available

  • I eat sugar free jelly and really enjoy it. Never thought of this helping my fluid intake. Thank you.

  • For our transatlantic friends, this is jello!

  • Hubby drinks a 12 oz glass of water everytime he takes his meds- that's four times a day. Add to that the water he drinks with meals and when we are on the go and he gets more than 8 eight oz glasses of water per day. Your body adjusts and the bowel absorbs a lot to keep stools softer and minimize the constipation. Don't drink too much after 6 PM and you should not have many night time trips to the bathroom. He usually gets up once a night or not at all. If he gets the least dehydrated his blood pressure falls and so does he.

  • Dear Court,

    I have also been advised to drink 6-8 glasses of low sugar drinks a day. (Water, fruit juices, black coffee, hot or iced tea, etc) The point is to make sure your fluid intake is at least 48 oz up to 64 oz a day. What you aere doing is avoiding becoming dehydrated. (if you wait until you are thirsty, it is too late). Staying hydrated helps your body absorb medication, avoid kidney stones, help with other urological problems. I would encourage to try at least 6 glasses a day and see if that doesn't help.

  • Good point!

  • For dehydration, try melons of all kinds, in a blender with whatever else you usually include. Drink lots. Keep it by your side and drink it often.

  • I just happened to read this from 2 years ago. Decided to do some googling on this topic - also a problem that I have. It's worse because I take mucuna instead of sinemet. Within 20 minutes of taking mucuna, I have to pee immediately. so, timing is crucial. This is a good article that I just ran across, that you might find useful:as well:


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