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Your divided life

Your divided life

Half way here

and half way gone

You live our life divided.

Half found and half lost

In life

In love you follow a map to lose your way.

Not in the game

but just the same

you score but lose the goal.

Half way free

you cling to your chains

And live our life divided.

Half alive

In life

In love you wait on fate and deny your faith.

Half at stake

In life

In love you state the rules that you hope to lose.

Half afraid

and half way crazed

you stay while leaving this half way place.

Half dead

In life and love

It’s time for you to come home.

You’ve lived your life half alone

in crowded nighttime dreams.

Half way to darkness

So far from my light

You love and die divided.

Half finished and half way started

you start

the end

of our journey home.

Your half way life

is my half way death

I do not want this life alone.

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Oh! My! I like this even though it makes me uncomfortable. I am hoping I am not living a "half way life" and that I never will. Parkinson's is life's thief, taking some of the most important facet of life itself. My smile, my wit, my independence. Life is hard enough without so many restrictions. Thank you for these inspiring words, I will try to life a fuller life!


A very moving poem, thankyou. I have noticed that my husband who has been diagnosed 16yrs has developed a talent he certainly never had before of writing poetry. I find this amazing and moving but at the end of the day I would rather he didn't have pd of course.


Thanks, this writing is about different things--I was interested to see what my fwp thought of it.


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