parkie & the masectomy

2 years ago i underwent a masectomy which went slightly wrong leaving me with a bicep not a boob after they did a reconstruction with my back muscle...after all this time if tryiing to get this fixed so i fit clothes better and for my whole sense of being i finally tomorrow am going to my pre op for wed 4th of April to get an implant......this is the best thing that has happened in a long time :d

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  • Glad to hear you're "upbeat".......Wishing you nothing but the "best" results!.... Keep positive......I know it's hard at times. I too have had cancer...not in the breast, but the thyroid area....they say that my thyroglobulin count is still a bit "high" after my last treatment/check-up......probably going to have more radioactive treatments in the future......This and PD are just 2 of my "issues"...also bone and arthritis issues.....Oh well, such is Life! least I can still enjoy my little grandson when we visit Va.! :o)

  • Good luck to you. I hope every goes well for you. Keep us posted. God bless you.

  • Great news!

  • Good Luck to you.

    I'm a PWP and I'm also a two-time breast cancer survivor. In 2001, I underwent both a lumpectomy and radiation on my left breast. In 2011, I was told I needed both a luctomy and radiation on the right breast and oh by-the-way taking anti-cancer drugs would be of benifit.

    I elected to have a double mastectomy without radiation or drug treatment, as was suggested by my doctor. I did NOT undergo reconstruction! I knew that cancer (both times was a very early stage non-invasive type) could be removed. What I worried about more was how - anti-cancer drugs radiation, or reconstruction would affect my PARKINSON'S symptoms. I have no regrets!

    I Have a QUESTION. I wonder, if the initial cancer treatment in 2001 was part of the reason Parkinson's sowed its ugly head a few years later? Anyone have a similar experience?

  • I (and my neuro) feel it was no coincidence that I underwent 2 thyroid operations and radiation for thyroid cancer in 2001 (then we had 9/11) then my son died in 2002 and my PD symptoms appeared! Low thyroid exacerbated PD symptoms, my doc told me. And STRESS! He says a higher percentage of holocaust survivors have PD than gen. population so STRESS. ;)

  • Cool Beans! Best wishes!

    Steve (Bisbee, AZ)

  • Best wishes; focus your thoughts on the best outcome

  • I had a mastectomy about five years ago. Went through radiation for quite a while, and am completely free now. Don't think PD had anything to do with it, but who knows?

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