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I take 6mg of Requip XL daily

I take 6mg of Requip XL daily. I usually take mine in the morning but have noticed that other people take it at night. I don't recall being told when to take this, but that doesn't mean anything. I don't recall much of anything!

Does anyone find it works better if taken at a certain time? To be honest, I am not sure that it helps my Stalevo to last longer at all. Does anyone else feel this to be the case?

If you haven't guessed already, I have one of my six monthly appointments coming up at the beginning of May. Of course, it could be rescheduled! To top it all I can't find my list of questions to take with me. Oh the joys of Parkinsons. If anyone has any ideas for questions, I would be more than grateful.

Sue :-)

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How long have you had PD?.Your prescription and the container or package will tell you what timing your doctor suggested was best for you.If your recall is poor read the instructions,they cant be dispensed without.

Who else can advise you when to take your meds,you cant just ask others willy nilly about medication timing,

Theres so much more to it,what do you take? when do you take it? how long does it work for?,does it work at all?,do you take it with food? or without?,what symptoms do you have that are causing you problems? The whole picture is important.well essential

A May appointment is along way off if your struggling ring your PD Nurse or GP they can access your neuro for you.The joys of parkinsons,well your questions lost or found are specific to you,I cant tell you what to ask.I fully understand your antagonism towards the system but in a way your creating a barrier obstructing your own care we have to work with the people looking after us they arnt the enemy PD is.I dont mean to sound harsh court but your post raises many issues and the purpose of this site is to find a way of working together and attitude is everything on all sides it is an issue that obstructs wellness.


For a start I have had Parkinsons for about 5 years. I am quite able to read and understand instructions on labels, However, I know that many people feel that their meds act better when taken at other times than recommended. My own Consultant said the same to me.

Secondly, I am in no way antagonistic towards the system and I didn't realise my comments came across that way. No-one has ever criticised my attitude or said that any of my comments obstruct wellness, I understand fully that the purpose of this site is to work together and I do not feel that my question was in any way out of order. I do not need people to tell me when or how to take my meds. I have been doing this quite successfully for a number of years.

Finally, I work very successfully with all the team involved with my care and have never constructed a barrier between us.

I am sorry that you could not take my question for what it was. Simply, asking for opinions from other people on the same meds as I am.


hi sue

i had my feb appt cancelled and put back ot end of jUne at WALTON

A senior neuro nurse came ot see me to answer jmy quesitons as i could nto bring ht eappt fwd

do u type your questions and points to make

my hadnwriitgin is illegible and i type eveyrthing on WORD

so you should then have asaved copy for when u lose it

i am foreover lsoingo PAPERS sand am surroundned by a sea of paperwork now ready (?? )4 rhte move on tuesday nex t week

and i hav e alawyer cojjmgin to discuss pwoer of attorneyp with me tojmorrow

just as an extra thing which ahs been ona nd fof mymind for 6 months nwo

;lol jill

PS to answer your question

i need ot ask qauestioins re

the progression fo the illness= how far donw th eroad am i

any researhc being done in teh area

why am i fallign so muhc more

stress i knwo makes the symptojsmworse but it is tghe fact that i ama mass of bruises

wy has my social owrker abandoned me when i am gettign worse = she says i am stable

etc etc


Hi Jill

Thanks for your helpful answer. I am wondering whether to get a referral to Walton as my favourite Parkinson nurse is now working there. Also I think it is more geared to Parkinsons than where I go now.

Thanks, also, for the list. I know basically what I need to ask so no worries. Are you having more falls? Thank goodness you are moving soon. Take care of yourself and have a good Move.

Sue :-)


Hi Sue , I've been on Requip XL for 2years and currently take 22mg in the morning when i get up (also take 1x 62.5mg Madopar as well) I have tried splitting the dose up , 10mg first thing and 12mg at lunchtime - which worked for about 6months - but find that taking them all at once works well.

Good luck with the neuro - i've seen 7 different ones in the last 3 1/2 years !!

I'm actually on 3monthly appointments and am even going to see the same consultant as last time - I think they're trying hard to "sort me out" as i have always felt that the drugs make me feel worse as i feel better when they're wearing off !!

Stay strong



Thanks for these comments. I am glad you took my question in the spirit it was posted. I am on 6 monthly appointments at the moment and believe I have a new Consultant, who I am due to see in May.

Good luck with your meds.



Thank you Court for clarifying your question and its issues,I apologise if you didnt take my post in the spirit it was intended,which was one of concern for a fellow sufferer,I antagonistic was an ill chosen word and not intended to offend.Ifound your response most reassuring.


Thank you for your apology which I am happy to accept. I am sorrry that you felt points in my question needed clarifying, but am still not clear why you should find my response to be most reassuring.


Thank you for bringing up the subject of spacing re: meds. My neurologist started me on Requip recently at 0.5 mg three times daily, increased it to 1.0x3 after a week. I assumed that to be a "normal" dose and was also very careful to space the doses equally during the day. Now I see, in your responses, people taking 22 mg at a time. Back to the Neuro!!!


I lack the seniority, in this group, to try to speak for anyone else but, for my part, your questions and comments are among the most interesting and thought provoking aspects of this site. Your "Does anyone-------??" questions never fail to evoke an interested response and give even non-responders something to consider. Please don't slow down.



It is usual to start as you have on requip and increase very slowly as your body adjusts. I was on 3 mg daily for quite a while until i felt the need for more. 22 mg is the max dose but i never went above 14 mg day. You didnt ask a question so hope you dont mind a reply! Hope you are tolerating it ok. It can be quite a challenge to begin.


Hikoi, Thank you for the informaton. Your reply puts the whole thing into perspective. You have been helpful, as usual.


Ronn , 22mg is about the max dose of Requip XL - i think it'll be reduced and the Madopar increased when i see the consultant next month.It all seems a bit "suck it and see" at the moment but i am sure they know what they're doing - maybe even try me on something completely different , i'll wait and see - PD is so individual that different people are on different meds and it would appear that there just isn't a "one size fits all" to deal with it - we're all different i suppose

Stay Strong



Hi Ronn.

Thanks for your comment which is very much appreciated. I had began to question whether to post again or not, but your very kind comment has made me rethink my decision. I had also considered whether I wished to consider remaining a member of the site, wondering whether my posts were out of order.

You don't know how much I appreciate your taking the time to make your comments.





i take 16 mg requip in the morning i take 1 x 62.5 madopar at 7.30 then the requip at 8.30 another madopar at 1.30 & the last madopar at 7.30 evening taking them like this works ok 4 me i am also under the walton centre cant fault them


I am not under the Walton Centre, but attend a Parkinsons Unit at a local hospital. However, I am wondering whether asking for a referral to the Walton Centre as it is a more specialised Unit and has a good reputation.


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