Who would want a Parkie as a Model

Who would want a Parkie as a Model

Now then , I have just been given a 1 years contract with a multi national modeling Agency based in Manchester, who would have believded it an old 53 year Parkie, from Glasgow on the world stage , going down to Manchester next week for a Film shoot, just imaging Take 53 and i only had to stand still ( Ha Ha)

life sure works in misterious ways

never thought id be a thesbeen , just be carefull how you say that

Love you all


Ps The girl is Delta Goodrum (Former Neigbours Star)

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  • Well done you!! You must feel on top the world! xx

  • Hi Alison,

    Dont know about top of the world? just so bizzar , just now i cant even walk with out falling over, so who knows where it will go , any monies i get are going to Parkinsons

  • bizzar ?? It took me a while to figure this word. Not to worry, it gave me a great giggle.

  • sorry about that , iam from Glasgow , and some times we use glasgow slang ( now theres a word for you)




  • Bless you xx

  • Cheers , i have never been a shrinking violet any way so sod it am going for it big time, New York , Milan, Paris Glasgow , Gartcosh

    Ha Ha


  • WOW!!! Congratulations. Keep up the good work & keep us posted.

  • Thanks Honey ,

    Dont know why i agreed to do this , but it must be for the good of all us Parkies , spread the word , you see we are all normal apart from this PD crap, so what ever it takes to promote our plight i will do what i can for as long as i can.



  • Thank you xx

  • THANK YOU!!!!

  • Just worked it out , They want to use our Boat FOC

  • Looking good from my perspective...rock on!!

  • Congratulations on your new exciting journey!!!!!!! I am happy for you!!!!

  • Hey Congradulations!!! That is wonderful !!! if there are any other job openings send then my way HA!HA!HA! Best of luck to you .


  • Thats wicked !!!

  • Hi Al, can I have your autograph?

    Have a blast mate

  • Wow! How great is this! Congrats, I'm so happy for you!

    Cheri :)

  • Wonderful! God bless you

  • That's "fabulous"...good for you girl!.... My "best wishes" going your way! :o)

  • Fantastic news - well done alsh - dont be your usual shrinking violet self - will you ?

    ;-) :-)

  • Absolutely delighted for you. It just goes to show where there's life, there's hope.

    You are an inspiration to us all. Enjoy every moment of your 'fame'. Just keep up the good work and autographs may be in order.


  • Way to go! I smiled at your comment ".., i only had to stand still..." Prior to my DBS surgery I could not have managed to do even that!

  • Good for you! Congratulations!

  • Very Happy for you Sir!! Congratulations! That is very nobel of you too! We need more folks aware of this monster and what better way than to have a parkie out there talking to everyone!! I pray for the best for you!! :-)

  • hi al

    that is great news!!!

    well done

    how will hyou like MANCHESTER by the way?

    lol JIll

    os dont forget the next Virtual party on easter sunday a Bbq

  • Brilliant go for, it you are as special as the next Parkie or not

  • Keep on trucking!!! Maybe we'll all come into some money. Then we could lease a cruise ship and gather somewhere on the great Atlantic.

    How's that for fantasy?!?

  • sounds good

  • FAR OUT AL!!!

    Have lots of fun hanging out with the rest of the beautiful people!

    Do keep us posted!

    Steve (Bisbee, AZ)

  • Hi ,

    First day now over and am F@@kd going for a beer in hotel then bed got to be up by 4am for a car chase in salford befor the peeps get up , the part iv got is that of a gang land hood from London trying to muscel in on the Manchester drug trade , and im fa Glasgow how mad is that , my charictor name is Steven Kyle, an old wide boy from the east end of london, the main player is Ray Winston , i play his Pal and Partner in crime, Fucken mental !!! talk later



  • Love you


  • love you too -- and the new photo is ANDSOME !!

  • ps , like the new photo, taken today in Glasgow for a part iam casting for tomorrow



  • Oh, Just been told i ve got to get some head shots first thing , dont know what they mean ? shot inthe head ?


  • Give me a break:) No one here is that naive LOL

  • What do you want broken


  • Hey Congrats:)))) wonderful news:)) all the best:)

  • "C u pal? Yer jaykit's hingin' on a loose nail by the way." Thought I'd help oot wi' the script big man! Envy doesn't even come close. Good on ya pal. Slip in the odd bit o' patter re Parkies! LOL

  • Feck off mate , goin for a casting tomorrow , got to tell them about the old Parkie, might be good for the part , reading for a guy called Bill Campbell a drunkard who swears a lot yet has a dark past , sounda like me in real life,

    Any way How you doin after yer fall?


  • Just Back , and i have to attend a Parkie Party , far better that all the lovey crap , just going to get changed and ill be right back


  • Three cheers, 2 beers and 1 soggy pretzel ! (From High School tallk about regression ;-)

  • dont know what you mean?

  • am just a thik glaswegan

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