Really have the urge to cry lately. Trying to come out of denial with PD dx, I also have PTST, seeing analyst for that, I have so

many dx..I'm tired of S.S., paperwork, drs. and feeling lousy almost 24/7. Sorry to whine..Please..I need reassurance. I go to psych tomorrow and pc dr monday. But right now I am feeling so helpless..yes I take meds for depression & PTSD and Afib, hypothyroid, osteoporosis, COPD/asthma, cant even remember everything..trying to block it all but can't. Don't want it to turn into a mental meltdown..Please hear me. tks

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  • Linda, We hear you, or at least we are listening. I'm a relative newcomer to this site, as you appear to be, but have found much comfort in the realization that others have worse problems than mine and that they receive empathy, advice and good humor from people with greater problems still. So yes, we hear you and we will soon be asking you for advice. In the meantime-----

    Hang in there!!!!

  • tks, ronn-when you said 'we hear you' a tear came to my eye. not sad, but comforting. tks. i know it is gonna take a while to deal w/all this medical stuff..i just keep remembering my blessings and try to take a deep breath and focus on something else for awhile. tks again..

  • hi i agree!

    lol and welcome

    Jill :-)

  • Sometimes I think PD brought all this crying, anxiety and depression....was usually pretty I'm nervous, depressed and cannot SLEEP..sometimes I wonder what happened to my life where did I go or was I always like this.....but each day brings a new symptom, a new ache and for the most part I'm OK, but still yearn to be what I was before PD....I'll be OK I got a strong family who is dealing with this the best way we knnow how...One Day at a Time...I to also have many other ailments besides PD....Carpal Tunnnel(left and right), spinal stenosis, neck stenosis, bone spurs in the neck vertabrae, anxiety, depression, Diabetes 2, HBP, High Cholesterol along with the PD and to make matters worse the Dr say and SS say I can go back to work...RIGHT...but I know there is a end to this road hopefully soon there will be a stop sign somewhere but in the meantime HOLD YOUR HEAD UP cause we are not alone just come to the site and vent cause some one is always there to listen!!!!

  • awww..thanks, grammy004. seems from what i have read on this site, we all have similar health issues. fortunately i applied for ssi and was approved in 8 days..praise the Lord, but i was hosp so many times for asthma i actually flat lined once, but that was after i got my ssi...yes, I will remember to hold my head thing is, tho..i have no family members who even seem to be concerned. i think that is part of the depression. i have a hard time reaching out to people because i feel so 'needy'. i have home health provider, but they are not that much help..not very reliable. well, thanks helps just to talk (type) it out.

  • If it will make you all feel better I have found a lot of people on this site that have no family that cares and stays away including me. I don't know yet if I have PD but I am going through so rough times now with my health and my sons don't come around and too busy with life to call. We live in the same town too.It does not bother me any more, well not as bad as it use to anyway. So never think you are alone. You have a big family now.


  • tks stanjo16- I think I have a problem with getting older..I'm 62, the youngest of 10 children. Seems I would like to still have the get togethers, holidays, etc. Never in a million years did I think I would be so alone. I admit, I do have trouble reaching out, but on here at least I don't feel totally rejected. (I meant to say earlier that I was being treated for PTSD, not PTST, ha ha.) Thanks for ur answer. sorry you are having to feel so left out of their lives. Thats how I feel about one of my children. We use to be so close, now she lives 20 minutes away instead of 5. Well, I rationalize and blame my self..I could never stop loving them or reject them. My arms will always be wide open and welcoming. BTW, I pray alot and I know that if I just stay focused..I can get by. tks again.

  • Linda, here is an observation.

    You are taking a lot of Rx. Some may be battling the others. Please, please have a pharmacist that is really in tune with neurological disorders scrutinize them.

    It was not until we decided our mantra to be MEDS on time, every time, with the right food, in the right quantity, (and no new medicine without discussing it with a trusted pharmacist or neurologist. Even over the counter drugs.)

    Please try the link

    And yes, if you are taking dopamine agonist you are likely to be weepy, even at the soppy commercials for Hallmark cards.


  • ty, moonswife. My pharmacist has actually called me to tell me the pcp had prescribed something that didn't agree w/other med. He called dr, and left msg. Dr call back ordered exact same med but w/o tylenol...I take tylenol at times, I'm allergic to ibuprophen..I fired that going to large med center now. Also have neurologist. We have tried to figure out if I can get off of or change any of my meds, so far I have to say on what I am on. I declined the med for PD, my neurologist said it was my choice at this point in time that there are many side effects to the PD meds and I have many allergic reactions to many meds. I will try the links u have suggested, tks again. I am new to this disease and this site.

  • Good for you! Proceed slowly. Welcome

  • Linda,

    I can relate. When I become aware of something new or unusual (physically or emotionally) I get into a "funk" of is it because of PD, because I'm 60, or something else?

  • Well, drdan, tks. with me I think it is 'all of the above' hahaha. I have a lot of stress in my life which cannot be avoided and I am getting help for that, but the PD has really slowed me down the last 18 mos. I am 62. I want to do so many things that I can no longer do, but i'm sure in time i will adjust. tks, reply appreciated.

  • Humans are a proud bunch. PD pokes fun at us. All we can do is poke fun back.

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