7 Deadly Sins

7 Deadly Sins

You came to me softly

Not a sound did you make

You worked your way into my brain

And ate and ate and ate.

First you dined delicately

like a PRIDE-filled spider drinking its shrouded prey

But I took no notice of your treacherous ways

As you ate and ate and ate

Your GREED grew too

Your sips became the drinks of an ENVIOUS man

Your feast went on

Your LUST was without end

My body was hungry

you had devoured so much

Too full of SLOTH to care that there was not enough

No longer quiet

you were definitely there

inside my brain consuming without care

Your hunger continued

and your drinks became the gulps

of the GLUTINOUS man.

Soon there was nothing left

you’d savaged it all

No longer quiet

you were definitely there

In WRATH you waged battle and my symptoms did soar

No longer quiet

you are definitely here

So make yourself known

I no longer care

Rage against me

I’ll fight you to the end

There’s no where to go

you’ve locked yourself in.

I can not put back what you have already taken

But what’s left is mine

Don’t be mistaken.

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  • That is powerful. I really like it. The ending screams a warriors cry in my mind. Thanks.

  • We PWP are all warriors!

  • Thank you for this. Your words are powerful and true. Parkinson's is indeed a nasty and powerful spider. Being positive, hopeful, and refusing to give up has caused my spider's "venom" to weaken. I can't kill it, or push it away, but I fight it each and every day!

  • Thanks for your comment--I was looking forward to your thoughts.

  • Thank you.

  • Thank you for reading

  • hi

    yes i have psp and knwo my tiem is limited

    but i am pretty positive about the illness and also v frustrated with the things i cna no longer do 4 myself

    lol JIll ::-)

  • PWP are warriors, the person with psp (you) I know is an example of a warrior supreme. Thanks for your inspiration--lol :: )

  • Only wish I could express my thoughts and feelings as well as you do.

    Thanks for putting words to our feelings.

  • Thanks! We all express ourselves differently, don't we? I have an easier time writing indirectly than just saying--"hey, I'm fighting mad!"

  • Wonderful poem!

  • Thanks!

  • I'm not a person who is generally very "tuned in" to poetry, but this one... WOW!! Very powerful. Thanks.

  • Thanks for your comment. You know, I never think of what I write as poetry! It just comes out the way it does!

  • WOW Keep up the fight

  • Thanks, you too!

  • Where is that darn "Like" button?

  • Lol! Thanks Steve

  • WOW, that was powerful. Thanks for sharing.

  • Thanks for reading!

  • How wonderful for you to be able to express your feelings,and the thoughts of a lot of people in this way. It is to easy to emphasise with your words. We have to fight this demon with everything we can and show it that we are not the pushover it thinks we are.

    Thanks for posting this.

    Sue :-)

  • Thanks Sue

  • Thanks so much for sharing. The way you put what literally is occurring in our brains is truly unique. But mostly, the feeling behind it is amazing.

  • Thanks for your comments

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