I am new to this community

I would like to introduce myself. I was diagnosed in 2006. I have a support group in my area and subscribe to another on line group, but I want to be connected with as many people with PD as possible. I have been fortunate to find a good PD MD, a couple of people at the local University, one in nursing and one in Kinesiology department and one in the school of nursing. I also participate in a program in which an undergraduate student in health sciences works with me a couple of times a week. I take Rx meds and exercise. I look forward to getting to know the people in this community,

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  • I also was diagnosed in 2006.

    Sounds like you have a wonderful set up. Would enjoy knowing what you discover that could be encouraging and helpful for us.

  • I have had very good success with interval training (spinning) on a recumbent bike. I ride slowly for 40 seconds, speed up for 20 seconds. I continue this pattern for 20 minutes. Each time I speed up, I try to go a little faster.

    I am also working on retraining my brain. Here is an address which describes the process:


    I look forward to hearing about your progress.

  • Hi pdyodah, Welcome to the Club. We look out for each other and try and help when we can. Some fun stuff which may seem frivolous to the uninitiated but helps with the "off" times. We look forward to your contributions. It is a two way street. Be well,


  • hello pdyodah

    and welcome to our group of happy parkies - well as happy as we can be ... i am english but live in france - soon to be back in the uk though - i say soon - it all depends on when this property sells !!

  • Welcome pdyodah! I find the people on this site to be truly wonderful. Hope you will too.


  • Hello pdyodha, This is the friendliest site I've found - welcome aboard, Angela

  • Hi pdyodha :-)

    Welcome to our awesome community :-)

    Andy :-)

  • Welcome ,I am fairly new to both diagnosis and the site but I have to say, they save me. Everyone on this site is wonderful,helpful, and truly a delite. I hope you feel as welcomed as I did.


  • Hi Pdyodha, and welcome !! I am fairly new to this site also, yet I was diagnosed in 1998. There were no support groups that I could find back then.

    Hope we can all help each other..............


  • Welcome!

  • Hi Pdyodha

    1st How the blazes does one pronounce that? My answering system attempts to pronounce ever caller ID with hilarious results. I think she is a dumb machine but she makes me laugh, so I won't tinker with her.

    I agree this site is the one!! I've tried others, only to get bored or offended, anyway I stop participating. I find myself engaged and interested here, so, welcome. I often participate which is good for me and I hope enjoyable for others.

  • Welcome Pdyodha! I hope you find this site as helpful and supportive as I have. I'm a newbie having been diagnosed in 2011; but have learned so much from the wonderful people who take their time to blog or answer questions that others have. It has been a lifeline for me. Again, Welcome!!

    Cheri :)

  • Hi Pdyodha. Welcome. I am fairly new to this site also (maybe a month or two).

    I was (preliminary) dx'd about 15 yrs ago. Main symptom: tremors. They progressed relatively slowly. Then around 2008/2009 I went downhill at a dizzying pace. Had DBS in 2010... and now have much of my life back.

    I blogged a bit about the DBS on this site. Happy to answer questions about it if you have any.

  • This Hoosier welcomes you. This community is go uplifting and helpful. I am sure you will enjoy it!

  • My favorite character is Yoda, but that was already taken, so I began using Yodah. The PD is for Parkinson's so it is pronounced "P" "D" yodah. and is spelled pdyodah.

  • welcome---also diagnosed in 2006---must have been a good year!!! you will love this site---everyone is supportive, usually amusing, understanding and always available. gail

  • I find all site members are helpfull I also have a recumbant bike and try to do an hour every day. Our group has tia chi once a week. As the weather gets warmer it is easyer too get out


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