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Scared like a baby

On Tuesday I meet my neurologist. Last time was in August. I know the special feeling returns to me when I ride the elevator to the eighth floor, where medical staff have their offices. The same feeling every time. The P has ben a little bit worse all the time. I have to hold up my arms and he will look at how much I shake, walk up and down the corridor to see how much P-movement I have. I like my doctor and get good help from him but this feeling of being sick makes me helpless. When I stand there in the elevator going up to the eighth floor I'm the most lonely man in the world and I feel scared like a baby even though I know I should not be. It´s like living with a bomb inside my body.

Mr Day

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I have to take one day (or even one moment) at a time to have a life. :(


I hate the corridor walk! Vulnerable. Scared. Ashamed. Betrayed by my own body.

Good wishes for you on Tuesday,



good luck for tuesday, just know you are not alone, we are all in the same boat. im very lucky i have mild symptons but i have only been ds since jan, everytime i have an ache or pain i think is this it getting worse, i fell a few weeks back, was it pd or just the fact the ground was wet and i was on a slope or because i was in high heels, before jan these thoughts would never have entered my head, im 47 too young to give in and wear flat shoes (plus im only 5ft ) i try not to let pd get me down but im only human and the why me kicks comment i remember from this site the day i found it was... i have parkinsons it DOES NOT HAVE ME... its a learning curve and im still taking advise from everyone to fight this,,, so on tuesday chin up and find the positve however small,



Life is not the way it's supposed to be.. It's the way it is..

The way we cope with it, is what makes the difference. good luck for tuesday xx


This is probably the most profound statement I have read on this site.


I LOVE this statement. Will try to remember it each time I get a little down or scared. Thanks for sharing.


I know what you mean. it is scary-my husband is the one with PD. He never lets me know what he is thinking. He face is hard to read. . but I do know the first visit to the DR. I did see a look on his face that was lost and he kept looking at me. I will always remember that look. He is also in partial remission for Lymphoma and the trip to the DR and waiting for the blood test results is a scary time too. 47 is too young too young-- Lord knows what is around the corner to improve your life. My hubby is 83 - we're married 53 yrs. He had never been ill until 2 years ago. Thank you for sharing your experience. God B;ess


Thanks for your support. Today it was time for me to face my P-Dr. Same old story, the corridor back and forth. I asked a question about what he regards as being the main track in the P research. He then told about a study on gene therapy which he saw as a very interesting track. It was the first time he responded to this question from me and I have asked him every time we met. Maybe a light in the sky. After an intense day anyways not much more. I want to once again thank you for your support, it means very much to me.

Mr. day


Glad the appointment is in the past and hopefully your anxiety too!

Happy Wednesday!


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