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Silently I pray

I’m so sorry

I’m sorry I was mean

I’m sorry I was dishonest

I’m sorry I was angry

I’m sorry I cursed, coveted, worshiped falsely, loved another above you

I’m sorry, sorry, sorry

I broke them all

Is this my punishment?

I pray to gods I’ve never believed in

Is this my way to redemption?

I pray that you can forgive my damnation

of You

I pray that I was wrong

You do exist

I pray that I will

accept the cold randomness

of a greater purpose

I pray I can believe

in gods that can do this

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I think this question and or/comment is best answered by John Stamford, Admin. Court has been told over and again not to bring religion into her remarks. We have been stopped commenting on what we would say to Jesus if he walked into the room, has our spirituality affected our PD, and several such comments. I am lost! Please tell us once and for all what is NOT allowed.

I am sure I am not the only confused Parkie.


Just for the record although I thought the comment regarding religion in comments posted on this site referred to one question I asked. I was assured by Jon that the reference he made was in no way directed at me and that my question was in the remit allowed on the site.

To my knowledge I have never posted any other question with a religious connotation. Certainly, I have never had a comment from Jon to this effect. I never discuss religion or politics in my private life and would certainly not presume to do so on this site.

I hope no one feels offended by any of my posts as this has never been my intention. I do not understand where the comment regarding my having been pulled up about featuring religion in my posts comes from.


I love your posts Court! And I love your comments and replies!


Thank you and the same goes to yours. I must admit I was upset when I read the reference to me and maybe over reacted. I would never knowingly post anything that could cause offense.x

Sue :-)


I was confused and concerned too. Being relatively new to the site I wasn't sure of the history that was referred. Sorry my poem brought you unnecessary stress--definitely not intended.

Happy Tuesday!



Hey it didn't bring me any stress was just concerned that people think my posts are mostly about religion. This is definitely not the case. I take all the posts whatever their content in the same way.

Thanks for your comments. Much appreciated.



I think spirituality and religion are separate issues. And they should be kept so. The "god" that "walks into the room" does not need to be named. Nor does the monster that has brought us together require a specific name. PD is different for each of us. Life is different for each of us. As is the interpretation for each.


Maybe People With Parkinson's become spiritual because of the Nature of The Disease. Parkinson's gives some of us a taste of The Real World We WANT to believe in the same way we WANT a cure. We cling to The Hope that there might be a cure through prayer and meditation. We repent. We barter. All in the hope of solving The Riddle: Why?


Aside from the poetic gobbly gook, for me, the answer is that there is no reason. We are physical beings, and by our nature are physically vulnerable to disease.

We may chose the path we take, but not what we encounter. Grace lies in how we choose to behave along the way.


I can't understand why my sharing what has changed and influenced my life the most (so much so that people notice the improvement) can't be discussed, it might offend someone.

If others don't believe can't they just be glad I found something that helps me?

While others say & do things that offend me, I'm suppose to be tolarant.


Is it really the case that these topics can't be discussed? Or is it simply that individual views are not to be solicited?

I can't believe a discussion forum can discuss constipation but not spirituality!

I'm thrilled for you, btw! Name it whatever you want, if you find life a more welcome place I'm in your corner!

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How right you are. If anyone doesn't agree with something, may I suggest they don't read it. Everyone has their own way of coping with their life and surely they should be able to do this without causing offence to anyone.


I did not appreciate where the comment made about my supposed 'fixation' with religion came from. Is it now considered incorrect to post our feelings on this site? I thoroughly enjoy your posts and nothing I have read on this site has ever caused me offense , even if I did not agree with it.

Keep up the good work and follow your heart.

Sue :-)


Always. Life's education has taught me tolerance and acceptance, as well as self confidence, courage and strength.


Wish you could send some to me.


I already have, Sue. It is in the form of warm hopeful wishes.


Received with thanks. Am grateful for your comments,


I absolutely agree with your comments and always enjoy reading your thoughts. Don't change a thing. When we find something that helps we should cling on to it.

Sue :-)


This message was meant for DiCan but did its own thing.


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