Started Sinamet yesterday only glitch so far is quite bad restless legs what can I do?

I started Sinamet yesterday - 50mg, 3 times a day, I chose 8am, 1pm and 6pm. Take with food. So far so good. Only glitch is I had very bad restless legs last night which kept me awake. I ended up taking a Madopar dispersible tablet at 4am (50mg). Any suggestions on how to get a good nights sleep tonight?

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  • did the madopar work - if so take it before you go to bed ?

  • i am on 125mgs 5 x aday and one at night if i need it

  • That's strange, my father has restless leg and the only thing that worked was Sinamet.

  • I take sinemet er 2x a day before I took just sinemet....same thing with both....CANNOT SLEEP! So the Dr gave me klonopin to help...sleep for about a good 3/4 hours and I'm wide awake again...try Medical Marijuana or some herbal teas to relax....might help

  • Thank you all I will take Madopar tonight before I go to bed. Crikey today I went to buy some groceries to try and get a feel on how I was doing out and about in the real world. The Sinemet wore off boy it was bad I felt awful, weak, no energy. I took the next dosage with a Madopar Dispersible thinking I would give myself a boost. I have ended up dripping in perspiration. Not to be repeated again maybe I will wait till the wear off side rather than start of dosage to do that again. (smiles)

  • You indicated that you take Sinemet with food. Sinemet should be taken 1/2 before eating or 1 hour after eating. It is not as effective if taken with food especially protein.

  • Sinemet made my husband more restless. Pacing sleeplessness were just the beginning. He was than switch to Mirapex. He is much calmer and focused.

  • Thank you I have noted that I need to take the Sinemet 1/2 hr before or 1 hour after eating. I am taking it with small meals to avoid nausea.

    I have also developed a strange cough!

  • Yogi, I'm interested in your comment about a "strange cough". I too have a cough which was not there pre-parkie. It feels as though a valve is not closing properly, allowing food or liquid to start toward the lungs. I am not versed in anatomy, so can't describe it better than that. I will await replies from your more learned responders

  • with my RLS it's impossible to sleep in bed so I use the floor with two thick carpets. Take C/L 6X a day (or one every 4 hrs (dosage 25/250 regular).Also take 0.5 Clonazepan 1or 2X before sleep. Stretch & exercise before sleep, listen to soft music (white noise) all night, elevate legs on exercise ball for edema and use breathing machine for sleep apnea. Have "man cave" set up where I can find anything I need blind folded, eg., water bottle. Sleep

    3 hrs straight if lucky. A good sleep of 4-5 hrs means no sleep at all next night.

  • This was the opposite of what happened to me :)

  • Requip works in small doses for restless leg. Good Luck.

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