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Has anyone done a early medical retirement with Pera?

Hi all,

I have been with my employer for 7yrs now and vested to recieve early retirement but very very concern this time since I am on leave of absence till May due to my Parkinsons and Fibromyalgia is acting up ... just wondered if anyone is on early retirement with Pera due to Parkinson's and how was your experience?

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I say that life is way to short to take it seriously! We've one merry-go-round ride. Time is too fleeting to eat stale popcorn, hang around "pickle-faced” people, or not tell someone you love them! - Or work if you don't have to /want to! If you can afford to retire early, please do so.

Parkinson's has slowed this former A+ personality down. I retired at fifty-eight because I knew the most important job, was to take care of myself. If you don't have a bucket list, I suggest you start one.

When I've reached the "end of the road" I won't care about how much time I spent at work or how much I made. I'll think about the time I spent with loved ones or what fun I had trying new things.


You know your probably right... I was trying to fight the fight ... but honestly I don't know if its even worth it ... I am currently working 4hrs a day and get LTD with Aenta (since i was full time at the time of my dx) I was sooo career driven and honestly looking back i should of been a better mother... more time at home instead at the ofc... I am only 39yrs and so I was thinking I am tooo young to retire but my body and mind are telling another thing ugh those two are bad news 2gether ha ha...

I am eligible for both my early retirement with my employer and Social Security plus my LTD ... but not sure how much I would end of getting ?? So tomorrow its on the phone once again to see if I can get any information.


Good Luck to you. Enjoy your family and time away from a work situation.

I too tried to "fight the fight". I felt very guility at first. I don't now!

Yes, I have days of stiffness and pain, times I don't sleep well, or find it difficult to complete simple tasks. Yet, I also have good days, when I'm able to enjoy siitng on my porch, naps, movies, books, my garden, yoga, take walks, surf the net etc.

We'll never how many Bad days or Good Days we have left on this earth. I've decided not to "punch a time clock" or meet someone's deadline. I'm going to pack in as much joy as possible. I'm my own time keeper.



It was VERY difficult for me to retire and felt kind of guilty.

I believe it has slowed down my PD.


See that is how I feel ... I was always sooo motivative .. career driven.. when I had to go part time I felt like I lost who I was ... but after working p/t for 5yrs I got use to it .. I mean I knew I would never be able to go any further then what my job was now.. and that was a hold pill to swollow but now to know I might not work at all?? Its really depressing... and financially scary... I am only 39yrs old ... to me that is just way to young to retire but then again I am unable to sit for more then 1-2 hrs and my decision making (I am a QA rep for a call center) is taking much longer then it use to be.... Ugh I am on leave till 5/15/12 so hopefully with the time off I can see if this benefits or if I can keep on going


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