Parkinson's Movement

Who painted that big target on my back.... take it back please

I was headed for my horizontal meditation, the one that often ends in gentle snoring harmony, that's Olivia(canine) and me. but I really need to say this to you who still are alert enough to listen. OK, I have, PD, Fibromyalgia,severe degen. disc disease, sleep apnea, arthritis. reflux, whatever, I can never remember all in the same sentence. Welln the virus that is going around, morphed into bronchitis. This kept recurrig thru 6courses of antibiotics till my

ENT threw me to the wolves, litterally threw his hands in the air and said

'tthere's nothing more I can do for you."

my favorite MD primary/pain management was unwilling to accept that and requested one more culture AND I am unhappy to name it but the initials are MRSA. Damn, damn damn. So , pat me on the head make a soothing sound and say good night Gracie (for those of us who adored Gracie Allen)

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Gosh you are going through the mill. MRSA is very prevelant in the area I live in, but can be conquered and I know people who have made a good recovery. I think the words MRSA are, like cancer, scary. But heavens if you can face everything else life has thrown at you, I am sure you can beat this one.

Stay strong and don't let the bu**ers get the better of you.


I don't think it's time to say "Good Night Gracie" yet (yes, I remember her and George--fond memories). Stay strong and keep fighting the fight. We're here for you.


Good grief! I agree! Damn damn damn! I'm releasing my imaginary warrior fairies to kick msra butt!


Thanks to you, it really was timely. I'm in LA CA at mt son;s home. I'm here to see m neurologist

but it is not easy. My d-in-law is really trying, and I mean that sincerely. She is also challenging, she reminds the rest of us, "use, a paper towel, don't touch, use the Clorox stuff.until I want to scream

I know she is doing her best.

And I'm so exhausted hat ever word has a typo. I'll wrap myself in your good wishes and understanding and drift away mmmm ahahah sweet dreams to who ever is still awake


Me, once more. My eyelids are reaching for one another. Hope this is coherent. I'm with my son, d-in-law and g-son in their home. They say they want me there I do believe them (I do, Ido oh I do) My experience: there are now rolls of paper towels with spray bottles of clorox based cleaner everywhere and the constant encouragement to "do just this" and all will be... When I mention a hotel they object fiercely. and my malicious humor says even a cell has a TV, but I won't. I love them and believe the are sincere, and a week could be looong. may there be clariy in the AM nitey nite