Muscle cramps/pain

I can't remember who posted the information below, however, I was telling my sister about it. She said she had read that when you have cramping, Charlie Horses, muscle tightness, etc. to eat a teaspoon of mustard. Mustard has Tumeric as an ingredient. I have tried it and it has helped my toe cramps. I plan to take a teaspoon a day; more if I need to. I figure if helps it's better than taking another pill.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Curcumin has a great many anti-oxidant properties. Curcumin is used in curry. Curcumin, derived from the curry spice turmeric, has strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Both oxidative damage — damage caused by oxygen — and inflammation have been implicated in nerve cell death associated with Parkinson's disease. Now, researchers at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine have shown in a laboratory model of Parkinson's disease that curcumin does protect cells from dying. This is why I take CoQ10 and Vitamins C and E, but I'm afraid my PD predates the time I started taking these supplements."

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  • another is pressure points if I get cramps (charlie horses) I put pressure on the cleft between my nose and lip apply pressure steady for 30 seconds and repeat if necessary It works use it

  • Thanks will try those things..dr gave me quinine a drink of tonic water may help! thats the only pain i suffer from is in one foot and leg mostly but get pain in hip/thigh when doing some exercises..

  • I drank tonic water but read somewhere that this was not good for you so stopped. Can't remember where I read it. Maybe you will have better luck finding it.

  • charlie horses ? what are they ...

  • Painful spasms or cramps in the leg muscles.

  • I get cramps everywhere....think about waking up with your butt muscles in a bunch......yoweeeeee!

  • nut will try thhe mustard trick - any particular type of mustard Colmans english - hope not or would dijon do ?

  • Any mustard that contains "Tumeric" as an ingredient. I am using plain yellow mustard that you'd use on a hamburger or hot dog.

  • THANKS TLONGMIRE - will def try it

  • Good quality English mustard contains no turmeric and a teaspoonful would probably blow your head off! If you want mustard with turmeric go for the brighter dayglow yellow ones (Often cheaper shops own brands). Dijon mustard does not contain turmeric either.

  • magnesium works for me. turmeric can be added to other stuff too if you like it.

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