Does anyone feel better when the sun is shining?

I am hoping that we will be blessed with some sunshine soon. Even before I had Parkinsons the sunshine used to lift my mood. Please let me not be so tired, let me have more energy. The garden needs doing, my grandchildren deserve a Nana who can play games with them. Oh to be able to run across the sand and play chase. These simple things are what I miss most - just to feel like me again, whoever I was.

Does anyone think that the sun shining, the birds singing and bulbs and flowers sprouting will give us the feel good factor.

Does anyone else feel that Spring, and the birth of new things, will encourage them to look to the future with more optimism. Always hoping for, not nesessarily a cure, but at least some progress we can latch onto?

Having this back, sorry if I have not expressed myself very clearly, but hope you get some idea of my thinking.

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  • yes sue

    ur so rihgt

    i always suffered from SAD -which was wrse in the wineter monhts

    (depresssion thatis)

    in factsincc ei hav been in my flat for the last 5 years Ihave not had t probelms and it si good to c all th sprin bulbs comign out

    (hoep there r no more frosts!")

    lol Jilll ::-)

  • should be a :-)

  • My smiles are not always turning out right. Don't know why. The spring flowers are a joy, especially the daffodils. Must resume exercising again, as this always makes me feel better, but had a busy few days and not had much time. My story and I am sticking to it!!

    Take care

    Sue :-)

  • Sue,

    I always feel better when the sun is shining, birds are singing and the flowers are blooming. Spring gives me a sense of renewal and hope. It's a beautiful day in Tennessee today with spring in full bloom. It's a whole lotta happy going on. :)

    We have to keep a sense of optimism that one day there will be a cure....never give up!

    Cheri :)

  • No I will never give up. I can be a stubborn so and so when I want to be. I am usually optimistic and waiting for the CURE. Think it is the end of the winter blues. Roll on summer. Nice day today, but tired so feel guilty I have not done any gardening. Always tomorrow.

  • Yes I sure do. Be glad when it is shining again soon...I see my neuro tomorrow and I have a list but my wife thinks it is too long...

  • At least you make a list. I always mean to but never do. Then forget everything I wanted to ask when I get to my appointment. Maybe I should borrow your list!!

    Sue :-)

  • I keep a list of meds on the computer & put my questions @ the bottom. They always know they will get questions from me. How else are we going to learn? This website is very informative too.

    Have a great day today!

  • Nothing better and more up-lifting than Spring time. A time of renewal.

  • Sue, You expressed yourself well, as usual, and it is apparent that sunshine truly brightens your day. Here, in this semi-arid area of California, I guess we get spoiled. The word sunshine here conjures up thoughts about sunscreen, straw hats and various types of skin cancer as well as the more pleasant aspects of the weather. Even so, we welcome the sun each morning and appreciate the longer days as we move toward summer. So, to answer your question, yes, we do feel better when the sun is shining. May its healing warmth invite you into your garden and give you play time with the grandkids.

  • The whole world does.. But i find symptoms ease off on sunny days..the cold wet and damp make them worse...perhaps we should all become beach bums in Mexico!

  • Great idea. I'm game if you are!!

  • Id love to..just have had offer accepted on secure comfortable one bed flat near town/sea/park in brighton/hove ...boring but sensible following diagnosis. Could get larger one but better to be in nicer central is full of compromises..

    We gave up looking in the s of france...too costly and too hot in summer..

  • Pleased that you have found a flat and am sure you have made the right decision. I have never been to Brighton, but know you will love being near the sea and also a park. I should also be looking to the future. We live in a bungalow, so no worry about stairs, but have a large garden which will soon become too much for my husband to manage. Hoping for more energy so that I can help him. We need a garden for our two dogs. Will have to think about our future soon..

  • It sounds wonderful to have a garden;;I used to love pottering around in mine;;only trouble every time I sat down to relax in it I could see something needed doing!! oh Ill have to potter in my friends or watch the gardeners a the flat being busy!!

  • It is wonderful having a garden but not always practical as both of us are getting older. No one has told the garden this and it still demands a lot of attention!! Worry that it is too much for my husband and he will not consider getting help Another stress!!

    Sue :-)

  • yes I do understand- if he doesnt worry and it gives him a hobby dont worry. It will be good for both of you! The important thing for us is to keep occupied so we dont stress!:)

  • That is a great idea!! Or we could go to Arizona!! My sister lives there!! Well maybe the sun there would not be good..... The meds can not let PD patients out in the sun for long periods of time.... Well ok Mexico!! LOL!!


  • Yes, I feel better with the good weather. It has changed our thinking about retirement. WE were looking at New England to retire to but now we think the furthest north we would go is the Poconos.

  • Ditto on ur first paragraph. We have to remember (I've learned) not to over do it on the days we feel good. I always have 2 bad days (in bed) after 1 good day. Still new to me because I was recently dx w/PD. I keep hearing exercise is the best thing we can be doing, but sometimes I just don't feel good all over and so I hang out on the puter. I hate dark gloomy the sunshine, but because of fair skin, meds and other conditions, I cannot say in it but about 30 minutes; windows are always open where I can see out no matter what room I'm in. tks for ur question.

  • Yes.

  • Man of few words!!

  • I was lucky enough to be treated to a week in a 5 star hotel in Egypt this February - I slept better, moved better and generally felt better - I loved the sun and the warmth after a Winter in Scotland - dont know if it was the heat, the sun, the luxury or the complete lack of stress. Either way I could easily get used to it. I even managed the camel riding!

  • I took a winter rental to try to escape the cold and DARK . I spent my time in Fort Lauderdale. I felt realy good for the first time.

    I will return to Fla next winter.


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