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I danced last night

I danced last night

Last night we listened to music

As we prepared for bed

I picked up things, wiped off things,

Put things away .

I watched my steps, being careful with each one.

I recalled my lessons on how to move,

How to be mindful,

How to balance.

I practiced each move with each move

From one end of a room to another.

The music played on.

"What are the words?" my husband asked.

I tried to sing along, realizing I only recognized them, hadn’t memorized them,

Familiar though they were.

The words filled me with strength, for the music was my favorite.

I let go of the counter, the chair, the wall.

I stood straight, knees gently supporting me,

Torso strong and straight.

My head held from above by an invisible string.

The music played on.

I began to move. I moved as I had for years.

I moved as I have not for years.

I lived each step. I loved each move. I covered the floor with my feet,

My heart expanded with each step, each shift, each beat.

I was the Eye in the Sky, looking at myself.

The moments held me in their embrace,

Thrusting me back into the world.

I don’t know how long it will last, or even if it will.

That’s not to matter.

But, I danced last night.

I danced.

I actually danced again.

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Cool :)


Sad but very sweet.


So sad, but so true. I think we all wished we could dance like we used to.


Very touching...


Treasure the moment.


hi anaemone

yes it is great to be free of this thing for a while

enjoy your dancing !!

lol Jill :-)


live life for its moments

My time is coming near

but it is not death that I fear

But what I leave unfulfilled

Of regrets I have but they are few

Of promises that I made

that are still pending to do

Of dreams I made to do one day

And places to visit in future times

I pray there is an after life

And hope there is no Hell

Is life fair I cannot say

But while my time is drawing to a close

I will not cry out against the night

But embrace my time I have

And live for the today


I'm glad I learned to dance. Have to remind myself everyday. I miss my dance teacher who died of sarcoma last year. Turning on the music is the first step.


Make the most of each day we have. Maybe today we can't dance but maybe tomorrow we can. If it's only for a day then so be it, there is always tomorrow and maybe something we couldn't do today.


This is inspirational and also instructive. I think that when we listen to music we access different brain pathways that we can use instead of the more used ones that PD has blocked. I often use music to get me in motion.

Has anyone else had similar experience?

Aloha Jill


I try to "Move Like Jaggar" in my kitchen! I think you have a valid point...Music helps me to move.


I love this poem...Well put!


The other evening my husband was feeling a little better so I sasked him to dance with . He danced forwards . backwards , and to each side . .. Later when he got up to go to bed he briefly stated to jog on the spot . !!!!!!!!!!!!! today he cannot get out of the chair .. or freezes when he evenually does . . HEY HO WHO KNOWS MAYBE TOMORROW !!!!//


This is beautiful....I hope you will dance again soon! I just joined this sight because my mom had had PD and reading all the posts is making me sit and cry. You are all very brave...


The love and support this group shares continually amazes me. Thank you all. You each hold such a special place.


Brought tears to my eyes. I could see you in my mind as I read your words that were so eloquently written. I was cheering you on as you danced with such grace. So happy for you!

Cheri :)


My mind sings a song with cymbals crashing

My voice hums a song with pride.

My feet move to the beat of "Foot loose"

My legs move to the song of hum

My hands conduct a lulaby

My arms move to Baytoven's Fifth being hummed.

My hip face shoulders have all decided to accompany

Each on its own time.

The music being played is one of a kind.

Entitled. My lips hide the smile my heart sings.

(thank you for the Inspiration to write this as I wait for my friend)

Hugs to all





If I say something here then this post will be brought up to the top on the recently active and more people can see it. Most of these members do not write anymore. I fear that some just are not able.


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