a funny thing happened

you'll have to excuse me ladies and gents as i write this blog i am in agony,my lobe is bleeding and my feet are covered in blisters its my own fault i misunderstood the instructions on a tin sponge dessert it said pierce ear and stand in boiling water oops!!!

i was walking home today from the shops when all of a sudden i got the dreaded toe curl in my right foot which as you know is very painful and i could not walk another inch as luck would have it i saw a policeman coming out of a house so i stopped him and asked him if he could give me a lift home to which he, i think reluctantly agreed to do when he dropped me off at my house he said he had done some strange things in his time but he's never given someone a piggy back home before thats as true as i stand here in this bowl of custard knitting a rice pudding vest he he he!!!!!

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  • Sounds like an interesting day. :)

  • LMFAO. :-D

  • Well, I have heard of some strange stories, but takes the prize.

  • Hilarious!!! x

  • i knew you were from uk when i read your nutty blog !!

  • lol! thanks for the funny!

  • i got a job driving for a bus company last week it only lasted a day i had the interview on monday where i was tested on my driving skills and told about my duties on the job they said i had to drive the bus and also issue the tickets to the passengers . i started work on tuesday but an hour later the bus ended up in a ditch at the side of the road well i can tell you the boss was not best pleased he was shouting and bawling at me on the roadside and then he said how did the accident happen i said dont ask me i was upstairs collecting the fares at the time eh some people !!!!!!

  • Funny!

    Cheri :)

  • LMAO ;-D

  • So funny! Incidentally, 12 bus drivers from my town won 39 million on the lottery last night. - no unfortunately I don't drive a bus, but am so pleased for them all. xx

  • Uh oh no one told me that insanity was a PD symptom. I thought it was something we inherited from our kids!!!

    made 4 typos in those 2 sentences. Better call it a night. (For the curious it loooked sunthing jile thuo) poor spell check, it ws stumpted.

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