going back to what i said about my reaction to loud noises in asda tonight some little darling was squealing every time she did it i felt like iwasbeing lashed witha whip it wasthat bad i had to go outside until they had gone but iwas shaking so bad i could barely walk to top it all my loveley partner dropped aknife on the glass coffee table im still trembling not looking forward to bonfire night thank god its a long way off

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  • I understand what you mean by "being lashed with a whip" If people are yelling at each other, I have to get away or my tremor gets worse. I'm more irriatable (regarding noise)now than before Parkinson's.

    My neighboor's dogs bark and they drive me up a wall. In addition, I hate it when anyone is way too close (my personal space) or if they increase the volume of their voice. I stay away from "inside places" that have large crowds. As long as, I have an escape route, being exposed to ouside noise is not as bad.

  • Same here, unfortunately, I can't leave my five and seven year old boys when they re screaming and fighting creating a disturbance. I do become so irritable. I never associated it being related to my having PD. makes sense though.

  • I have always enjoyed the noise of children.

    I feel like a terrible grandmother, but it is hard for me to spend too much time around children that are loud. I haven't said anything, yet. :)

  • I find the cinems too loud but so do my non pd friiends. I think all our senses seem stronger...i havent lost my sense of smell which is supposed tobe a pd symptom!

  • Every little noise, like something dropping, or dish rattling make me jump. Didn't used to be that way.

  • I'm very sensitive to noise too but it was worse when I was on Requip/Mirapex. WAY worse.

  • I too have become very sensitive to noise since developing PD. It is like having my head in a tin can with someone beating on the outside .I feel like a real grouch as I can't stand the tv on or the radio in the car. Children noise is the worst and if I am in a public place and children are racing about and screaming

    I have often intervened and asked them to behave in a more appropriate manner.

  • I was very irritated by noise in the beginning. I could not stand to have a television on or random music playing. It has not been as bad recently, but I still do not want to be in a crowd of people.

  • This is my first comment. My husband has PD and for years he has been very sensitive to noise - all the things that you said. I was very intrigued to hear that there were other people who felt the same.

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