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I was wondering whether it is better to have main meal at lunchtime?

I have read that it is better to eat your main meal, which includes meat, at lunchtime and to have a lighter meal in the evening.

Has anyone found this to be the case and also found this suits their meds better. Do any particular foods cause your meds not to work as efficiently.

Would be grateful for your comments.

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I have a difficult eating, at times.

I usually make myself a green smoothie and a piece of homemade (freshly ground wheat) toast and take all morning to eat/drink.

Then I try to eat 1 more meal, late afternoon or early evening.

I also try to fit in eating an apple and orange.


Don't eat protein type foods immediately before/after taking your meds. They will feed on your meds and reduce their effectiveness.

Most meds for PD create constipation so eat plenty fruit/veg to help with bowel movement.


I find I need to eat small meals/snacks constantly through the day. Even have milk and cookies in the middle of the night. When I wait too long to eat lunch, my symptoms seem to intensify. I haven't noticed the differnce between a big meal for lunch vs. at dinner time.


This might be helpful:



Doesn't work for me. I eat 3 meals and 2 snacks timed to take with meds. I've added Beano to my pill dispenser. Without protein I get dyskinisia so I must be overmedicating.


Sinemet should be taken one hour before or two hours after eating meals containing protein. They both fight for the same receptors in the bloodstream. To make the most of your meds do not take them with meals. I learned this by research on my own. Neither the doc nor the pharmacist told us.


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