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Corrected web links for information regarding MRI guided focused ultrasound.

I did a copy/paste of the email I posted here regarding the focused ultrasound trials being done at UVA. Apparently, the links did not convert into the proper format, I am going to try and post them again in corrected formats. Hope it works!








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Thanks, for sharing. The only one that didn't work for me was the clinicaltrials.gov/www.... .



Hey Jeni,

I could not get that one to work either, said something about it being off limits!


Susie, Are you near UVA?


I am in TN, but am interested in seeing if I can qualify for this study. Most of the studies I see have a requirement that you have failed on levadopa. I have taken Azilect as my primary medication since diagnosis with Requip as needed. Right now, my tremors are fairly well controlled so I might not meet their requirements. Cognition, balance and speech are my biggest problems.

There was another study I posted regarding the use of an ADHD med, Strattera, for cognitive issues. I could not qualify for that one due to the fluctuations I have with blood pressure. I do believe they are on to something there because my cognitive issues are very similar to my daughter's who does have ADHD, for her, the medication has made a night and day difference.

I have a friend who's father had PD. He volunteered for the Pallidotomy when it was a trial study they were doing at Emory in Atlanta. They paid his travel and lodging expenses to go there for treatments. He was able to have several more good years after that procedure.

This procedure is similar, no invasive metal probes, just guided unltrasound to target the affected areas of the brain.


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