Are you at your best morning or later on?

I find that I am better in the morning and decline during the day. Evenings my tablets often don't seem to work for very long and sometimes not at all.

Now that I take a Stalevo during the night, I usually function reasonably well until I take another at 7 a.m. After breakfast, I take 6mg of Requip XL. I am not sure how efficient these are. I then take another 3 Stalevo during the day. The last one before bed.

My tremor usually worsens during the day until it is almost continuous during the evening. I often find that even if I don't have a tremor at tablet time, I develop one soon after taking the meds.

I am interested to find out if other people find they are better at different times of the day.

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  • stress brings my on my trembling hands does not matter when or time of dat

  • same here exactly

  • I am better in the mornings. I try to keep in touch with with what my body is telling me and take meds when needed. I don't think that taking them on a strick schedule works so I just try to stay ahead of crashing. I'm thinking DBS is in my future. 15 years into this and progression has been slow but less frequent good days lately.

  • I try not to plan anything for the morning. I sleep sooo sound after about 6am.

    Even if I go to bed early I still have a very hard getting up early. If I get up to early I always need a morning nap.

  • it seems to depend pn a lot of things .. i am just starting on a new regime with taking 5 lots of modopar (125 mgs) instead of 4 - so every 3 hours insted of 4 - i hve only been on it since yesterday so will have to report back ..generally i feel stronger in the a.m but other times i seem to walk a little better in the evenings ...

  • Hi there, I really am an up and down person. Somedays I'm good and you can't tell there's anything wrong with me. But other days I'm horrible. I find that I'm slow in the morning sometimes it takes me all day to get going.

  • I'm with you. I take forever to go to sleep at night and then slowly warm up as the day goes on. I am at my best in the evenings.

  • I'm with you guys lately. I seem to be having less good days recently. I take my first dose of meds between 4am and 6am ( Stalevo, azilect, amantedine, mirapex) then take five more doses every three hours. By evening, trouble walking and sitting. I'll be having DBS done April 6th. I'm really hoping for positive results and hope to ut down on the meds. I've always been a morning person. But because of his disease, I now find it difficult to get up and going in the morning. Finally feel like I can get ready around 11(about 3rd dose of meds). This creates a challenge for me since I'm still a full time employee. At 38 and being a single mother, I'm concerned about when is the right time to quit working?

  • Would you mind writing something after your DBS to let us know how you made out?

  • usually better in the AM.

  • yea h

    me too bette rin the am

    cannot have an afternoon nap now

    as 2 much on the go and resltess

    lol JIll :-)

  • I am always better first thing and during the morning (unless stressed). worse in the evening. Dopamine is naturally produced during sleep apparently.

    Does depend on the day though, some are better than others.

  • My Dr. has me take Sinemet Cr during the night to help increase dopamine levels.

  • I take 125MG Stalevo every 3 hours around the clock. I have extreme difficukty sleeping at night. Normally I don't go to sleep till about 5 am.

    The mornings are not good since I sleep. I try to get up by noon. I find my best time is between 11pm and 3 am. This is the time I normally try to pick up around the house.

    I live alone, so hoping falling doesn't happen. Since most normala people are sleeping during the time I'm up!

  • Why is PD a nocturnal disease, do you think? It's so annoying, but I'm up between 11pm -3am too. Not much on tv either.

  • I end up watching tvland or movies my son records for me. It is very annoying, but no matter how hard I try to tun my schedule around - I always end up being awake at night. Not much we can do except gp with the flow!

  • Love tv land. Three's Company reruns rock

  • yes they do, and at 3 am law and order comes on another station. really sad to know the schedule.

  • same here, sleep comes in bits and pieces, here and there. I miss the days I could sleep through the night. 11-3 is my up time too

  • Morning/early afternoon is my best time....I take the meds at least 1/2 hour befor I eat breakfast. ( one capsule of amantadine; one tablet of azilect; and 1 tablet of carbidopa-levo).....I used to take 1 & 1/2 tablets of carb/levo, but that made me very I take the other 1/2 tab about 2 hours after breakfast.....Then in the evening another 1 & 1/2 carb/levo tablets (but this dose I take all at once.)

    This is not to say I don;t have some days that are "nerve shaking",,,I do. I feel it all depends on what kind of foods I eat for my last meal/snack, the day before....My digestion is very slow due to PD and certain foods hinder the obsorbtion of my meds. (That's my story and I'm sticking to it!) :o)

  • Interesting comment about foods. Wonder if this could be part of my problem. What foods affect your meds, do you find?

  • I try to eat my "meat" during the lunchtime.....for the evening meal I try to eat more of a "Mediterranean" type of diet. (fish, veggies...a "lot" of veggies, and grains.)

    If I consume meat for the evening meal I keep it as a "small" portion...(If I'm with friends, or visiting other family, I can't expect them to make a "separate" meal just for me.)

    What I find also helpful is being "aware" on which foods to buy "organic", and which ones to "watch out for" when dinning out.

    I truly believe that "pesticides" in our food affects PD.....Afterall, pesticides are in fact "poisons" put on food to keep bugs away.....Unfortunately, if we are not aware...we "eat these poisons."

    If you go to you can print out their "dirty dozen" and "clean 15" list. This list helps me out "a lot" when it comes to deciding which foods to buy organic, and which ones aren't necessary to buy organic.

    I hope this helps.......Take care 'n God Bless! :o)

  • Thanks for this. Like you, I think that pesticides have a lot to answer for. Unfortunately, it is not possible for me to have my main meal at lunchtime, as I think this is better.I will go to as you suggest as I need to refine my eating habits.

    Many thanks :-)

  • Protein inhibits absorption of the medication by way of the small you should take your medication an hour before or an hour after you eat to insure you're getting the most out of your medication. Educate yourself as to what foods are protein.

  • My digestion is slow too and absorption is all over the map. Plus I have abdominal dystonia or "visceral off" my neuro calls it. Up all night in pain. I know melon, broccoli and foods with calcium carbonate aggravate it. Don't know what foods hinder absorption.

  • the foods that trigger my pain are: red meat, fried foods, believe it or not pretzels and ice cream if eaten after 10:00 at night, spicy red sauce,. Because of my poor sense of smell Everything tastes the same..blah! The only way I can sleep or eat is to take a few tokes before I do either.

  • Morning is best and I'm NOT a morning person ::(

  • me too

    lol JIll :-)

  • Im at my best around lunchtime.I usually take my meds about 8.30 am, 20mg Requip XL. My tremor becomes noticeable if I don't eat about every 4-5 hours duirng the day. I initially thought I might have diabetes.

  • Hmmm. I get better as the day goes on. I feel really good in the late afternoon and evening

  • The morning is abetter time for me around 2pm my tremors seem to start till I take my evening dose of sinemet and my klonipin to relax then I go to sleep till about 3am then wide awake nap between 4/6am then back up feeling good then it starts all over again!!!

  • I know exactly what you mean. My tremors usually kick in late afternoon. I take my meds at about 4.00 pm and then again when I go to bed. The time in between is usually not good. I also usually wake between 2/3am and then nap till 6am when I get up, hopefully feeling good.

  • I am better in the early afternoon but start to fade and fall asleep in my chair around 4:00 whether I want to or not. Anyone else have similar behavior?

  • Hi All, looks like i am a morning person , take requil XL and sinemet, , dont sleep well as you can imagin it s 4 am gmt and am wide awake, tend to slow down as day goes on


  • Typo it Requip XL


  • I'm better as the day goes, just started with the sinemet and taking requip at night to help sleep because the sinemet really gives me a boost but sometime I feel like I can't stop.. It feels like a stimulant, and I'm not dizzy with sinemet like I was with requip so I feel better in the afternoon.

  • My best time is late mining until about 3:00. Around 3:00 I start to doze off. I'd rather doze off at night! Mornings are my worst time usually due to stomach problems..

  • I do't sleep well at night either. Awake until at least 2:30 am and I have to get 2 kids off to school in the morning getting up at 6:15am! Yuk. My best time is in the morning though. I have to take at least a 3 hr nap/rest for 3 hrs after the kids go to school. I feel wiped out. My husband is self sufficient :) Leaves for work at 4:30am when I am finally sleeping. I lose steam as the day moves on like 4-5pm when supper ,homework, and bedtime routine starts. Feels like the movie Groundhog Day!

  • I don't usually have trouble going to sleep. It is when I get up, usually about 3am, to go to the bathroom that I cannot get back to sleep. Even if I do sleep, I wake about 5.30 and get up and usually do some knitting. However, no matter how busy a day I have I cannot sleep during the day. Wish I could as I go downhill as the day progresses, The joys of Parkinsons!!

  • I'm better in the AM. After lunch my legs start hurting and I agonize the rest of the day. I hate it.

  • My ups and downs are dictated by my stress level. I don't sleep much at all. I am awake most of the early mornings. I try to nap in the afternoon. I guess < if I do get to bed, mornings are best for me. GEtting the meds in and stopping the AM pain is when I feel best. I am most grateful for Turner Cassic Movies! All night long!

  • Morning ...... for sure. Right after the initial surge of morning sinemet.... providing the stress demons aren't present. Sleeping goes in waves, but generally hard to sleep. Sub-consciuosly think I am scared to wake up in the AM not being able to move...... so it's easier to stay awake or cat nap all night.

    The symptoms and the meds have always made it impossible to sleep anyway! (sort of sick now that I think about

  • Not sick at all. We all fear the unknown and not one of us can predict our future. We wouldn't be human if we didn't experience fear. We just have to hope for the best.

  • My mornings are always filled with drama. By three PM [ten minutes from now] I'm almost normal.

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