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Silence of the Day

In the silence of the day

I think of you

the sun streams through the windows

and it's warmth enfolds me

as if your arms

still surrounded me

your love

keeping my heart beating

your breath

whispering softly on my neck

It seems like only yesterday...

In the silence of the day

I think of you

You're gone

not for an hour,

a day,

or a week

but for ever

After all these many years

I still long for you


what might have been

In the silence of the day

you're still my one

true love

and I carry with me

throughout my life

all of you

Every smile,

every hug

every tear,

every minute

of every day

you gave to me

I treasure in my

memories of you

In the silence of the day...


Memories sustain us.

5 Replies

wow - that is so powerful - i am in tears xx


hi jj

yea u write great poetry

lol jill :-)


Once again awe inspiring. I too had a lump in my throat. You really make your poetry real. I really loved it.


heartbrreakingly beautiful...


How beautiful, thankyou.


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