Is Parkinsons affecting my immune system?

Has anyone else found that even the simplest things like the common cold last longer and make you feel rotten? I have had a cold, courtesy of my grandaughters, for almost 10 days now. I don't feel any better and my tablets are wearing off earlier than usual.

Added to this I am having trouble with one of my teeth. Probably an abcess. Seeing the dentist on Thursday. I feel quite unwell, almost as though my meds have deserted me.

I have started to wonder if illness causes meds not to work as efficiently as usual and was wondering whether anyone else had found this to be the case.

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  • Hi Court, i know in the beginning, I felt terrible and really could not do much of anything. We would go out shopping and within an hour or two I would be so tired I could not function. As for the immune system, I have been told that anyone with a critical illness such as PD will take longer to recover from illnesses, so yes I guess it does affect your immune system. I get a flu shot every year and this helps.

  • Yes, I was told that parkie affects your immune system. Hope you feel better soon, you poor soul xx

  • I think because our immune system is not working properly is why we all have pd. that is why it is so important to take antioxidants like vit c every day, multi vits , omega 3 oil, and co enzyme q10..if this is too costly at least make sure you are eating nuts, berries and gren veg like broccoli..healthy foods..keeping off wheat and dairy products if you can.

  • your short of v12 as your l-dopa stop you take it from food .

    injection once ever 12 week.

    yours EXPORT,

  • Yes. I have had many infections... most requiring hospitalization... some times requiring stays in ICU... this went on for years... and PD symptoms would naturally worsen. Then in desperation, my "team" consulted a hemotologist. A series of blood work revealed that I had hypogammaglobulemia. My blood platelets were seriously elevated. He started me on a treatment called IVGG. It is a tri weekley infusion of gammaglobulin. The process takes about 4 hours. And is quite costly (about $5000) but Medicare and my supplimentary insurance is covering the costs. No more sickness and mystery infections. My Parkinsons has improved and symptons not so severe. Considering that I am an 81 year old woman, with 12 year old diagnosis of idopathic Parkinson's disease, I feel so blessed that there were those in the medical community that cared enough to try to get to the root of my health problems and try to do something to make it better. You might as your doctors to test you for this same condition.

  • I eat a lot of apples at least 1 every day.Have you ever heard"an apple a day keeps the doctor away" I read somewhere that apples contain dopamine, Stay away from people who are sick and wash your hands often,there are germes everywhere.

  • What immune system? I ran out a while ago. and, yes, I usually get sicker than the average. This time I got the virus that is being circulated and developed it into bronchitis. Oh, well.

  • I can find precious little in the medical papers out there about pd lowering immunity. Lots of "anecdotal evidence" though. Anybody else seen any papers or studies?

  • Since starting on vitamin D a few years ago, I have had less illness. The other thing I do not understand the mechanism, I had severe allergies and asthma, I have only used my inhaler twice since being on Azilect. My Neuro does not have an answer for why but I am glad that I can go outside and not end up sick!

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